Video Workshop

I just realized that I’ve been remiss in not linking to the excellent Video Workshop that we have posted online at the Adobe Design Center. The Video Workshop is a one-stop shop for all of the videos we have on all the CS3 applications (19 applications in all!) Soundbooth has its own section with a some great introductory how-to videos.

4 Responses to Video Workshop

  1. pauly says:

    please, for the love of music, make Audition for Mac! Please!

  2. andrew van es says:

    I have just noticed the Adobe site listing Audition 3 as a new product but when I click on, it only shows up as Audition 2.Is this a new product or a repackaged audition 2 into CS 3.What enhancements if any are due and when.Are you sure it said 3? We haven’t announced anything yet, and I went looking for typos and didn’t find any on the site. If you want to post another comment about where you saw “3” listed I’ll take a look. –Hart

  3. andrew van es says:

    Hart,I go to Adobe site , click on solutions and click on video and audio, scroll down and there it is. On safari it comes up with a question mark next to new Adobe Audition 3 and on Windows Explorer it does the same except the Q mark.When clicking on the link it takes you to Audition 2 only. There is definitely a TYPO.Are you guys trying to tease us.Man I am really looking forward to V3 but I am patient.CheersAndrewLooks like the typo has already been taken down. Thanks for your patience…we should have more to say about the next Audition soon! 🙂 –Hart

  4. ev says:

    well what about video tutorials for adobe audition????? do you know how hard it is to come across this type of support with out paying stupid amounts of money. come on get your act together and provide video tutorials.There are actually quite a few videos that come with Audition. Check the DVD in your box, or if you bought the download, there should be a link to the included videos. We also have quite a few on our support site if you look around there. –Hart