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Wired Magazine redesigns Patient Lab Results Forms

At Adobe, we often talk about Engagement— the technology put in place to make customer interactions better and more meaningful.

One critical aspect of Engagement is good design. Good design is the “face” of the technology to the customer. Get it right, and you have the opportunity to delight the customer. Neglect design at your peril.

Unfortunately, as Wired Magazine pointed out in the December 2010 issue, good design in healthcare is an exception.

Here’s the lead-in paragraph from the Wired Magazine article “Blood Simple”:

Lab reports are often beyond our comprehension. But they don’t have to be. Better design and more context can clarify the results— and help us understand our options.

Amen to that!

The article is not posted on the Wired website yet. I’d suggest getting to a newstand to check out the December issue yourself.

Here’s a spread from the article to get you thinking.

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EMR Survival Tips Audiocasts

I just listened to Dr. Stasia Kahn’s latest EMR Survival Tips Audiocast—you can play it in your browser— and I was impressed!Picture of Dr. Stasia Kahn

I first met Dr. Kahn at a HIMMS Conference two years ago in Chicago. She’s very active in the EMR and PDF Healthcare community and a real champion for using electronic medical records.

Dr. Kahn’s website has a number of useful resources to help physicians make better use of EMRs, something the doctor has done in her practice since 2005.

I think what I like best about the audiocasts is how approachable Dr. Kahn makes a subject that might be a bit scary to the less technical among us.

I also appreciate the very frank information that she shares. There is a cost to implementing EMR systems, and you can hear the challenges that a small practice might have. I think— and Dr. Kahn concurs— that eventually government incentives will offset this cost.

I’ve written here about the frustration I have with paper-based processes in the health industry, so I look forward to hearing more about the use of EMR in Dr. Kahn’s practice . . .

. . .  and hopefully yours in the future, too.

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