EMR Survival Tips Audiocasts

I just listened to Dr. Stasia Kahn’s latest EMR Survival Tips Audiocast—you can play it in your browser— and I was impressed!Picture of Dr. Stasia Kahn

I first met Dr. Kahn at a HIMMS Conference two years ago in Chicago. She’s very active in the EMR and PDF Healthcare community and a real champion for using electronic medical records.

Dr. Kahn’s website has a number of useful resources to help physicians make better use of EMRs, something the doctor has done in her practice since 2005.

I think what I like best about the audiocasts is how approachable Dr. Kahn makes a subject that might be a bit scary to the less technical among us.

I also appreciate the very frank information that she shares. There is a cost to implementing EMR systems, and you can hear the challenges that a small practice might have. I think— and Dr. Kahn concurs— that eventually government incentives will offset this cost.

I’ve written here about the frustration I have with paper-based processes in the health industry, so I look forward to hearing more about the use of EMR in Dr. Kahn’s practice . . .

. . .  and hopefully yours in the future, too.

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