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Your Healthcare on Craigslist

Fast Company LogoFast Company is a business and technology online and traditional magazine which always seems to have interesting articles.


Recently, Fast Company posted this article:


Can Health Care 2.0 Be as Easy as Craigslist? Craig Thinks So


The subject of the article was Craigslist Founder Craig Newmark who was interviewed about the work he is doing with the Department of Veteran Affairs to better utilize technology for healthcare.


The article notes that Adobe won the VA’s first Blue Button Developer Challenge for the creation of an interactive platform for medical records. An image of the Adobe application is included in the article.


One thing I found interesting was to learn about how the VA is going about bringing their technology up to date:


 . . . the VA will open source its new health care ecosystem, permitting a community of developers to
co-construct the new database and allow outside institutions to modify
the codebase for their own systems. The vision is a system that permits
real-time communication between patients and doctors and isn’t held
hostage by either a painfully slow government entity or a single,
inflexible corporate partner. For developers, this means a whole new
sub-industry of opportunity.


Now, that’s forward thinking for a government agency!

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