This blog is a helpful blog

Starting now, this blog is a helpful blog. This blog knows not only where I am but also where I will be and where I have been. Starting now.

This blog is a Java blog. This blog knows that Java developers will build solutions on our platforms and using our products and that they need to talk about this. I need to talk about this. Starting now.

This blog is an Adobe blog. This blog is for Adobe things like Adobe LiveCycle and Adobe Acrobat. The biggest problem is those are a lot of things and there is a lot to talk about. Starting now.

This blog will throw exceptions. This blog should err on the side of caution since things are not always what they seem. In lieu of an editor some things will always slip through the cracks. This blog is a dangerous blog but only for me. Starting now.

If I add one more of these I will have to snap my fingers a lot. I should just blog. Starting now.

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