A cycle of live events on LiveCycle

A lot of questions I have been getting focus on getting training on our platform. While we are working to get more and more resources to help you get started on the new technology at our website we are also starting to tour a lot more. You can catch us at the Intel Developer Forums in Asia and India this fall – and we will be at XML 2005 in Orlando in November as well.

We are doing a webcast on how Adobe’s LiveCycle Workflow and Intelligent Documents make application building fast and easy for Java developers. Here you can learn how our process management solutions can enable you to build, automate, manage, and track processes through Java-based Quick Process Action Components (QPACs), the building blocks that you use to visually assemble workflows. This takes place on October 25th and you can register at http://www.adobereg.com/java/User_Info.asp

Adobe Developer Days are all day events that take place throughout North America diving deep on developing applications for both Adobe Acrobat and Adobe LiveCycle. Meet the SDKs and some great developers that really know how to wingman their way through our apps. The dates and cities are:

November 8th Seattle
November 9th San Jose
November 10th Plano, TX
November 15th Boston
November 16th New Jersey
November 17th Chicago
November 22nd Ottawa
November 23rd Toronto

Find out more at our events page

If you are already using our technology why not start your own user group? They are starting the Adobe Enterprise Solutions User Group in Chicago, IL. This is being kicked off at the Doubletree Conference Centre in Downers Grove, Illinois on Thursday, October 20th from 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM.

This user group meeting will include presentations by Adobe and existing customers, as well as technical and business focused breakout sessions. The cost is free and includes a cocktail reception after the event.

There are also a bunch of pre-recorded webcasts up at our webinars page

Should we be coming to your town? Is there something you would like to see us doing at events that we are not doing now? Let me know…happy coding.

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