Good-bye Tokyo, hello planning process….

It’s transition time for me. I am busy putting a year of work behind me to get the Adobe Enterprise Developer Program launched in North America. Right now, I am heading back from Tokyo which was the first leg of my journey to roll it out for the rest of the world.

At the same time we are kicking off our planning process to identify what my team is going to be focused on for the next year. Planning ahead, you say? Yes, I think beyond a year (most of the time to my boss’s dismay) but for a few weeks I am going to put on some serious 12-month blinders and roll up my sleeves for the task at hand.

For the record, Tokyo was awesome. The Adobe office in Japan is packed with genius and they are working with us to bring the program to Japan. The Japanese press received this news well and depending on how your Canji is you can read my interviews online at IT Media and Enterprise Watch. I tried to babelfish them for translation but it wasn’t much better than watching the new version of the HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy on the TV in my hotel room – somehow it’s just not the same and it gets a little lost in the translation.

ed. note – That was a potential obscure reference there to the fact that the BabelFish was actually a fish that you put in your ear from a famous movie about hitchhiking around the universe. You put the fish in your ear so you could understand alien languages.

I have spent a lot of time putting fish in my mouth over the last week and even though I could barely understand most of the waiters I met, I never once tried putting it in my ear. Instead I relied on my handy phrase book or the translator that Adobe in Japan had graciously provided me with.

Anyway, as we plan for next year, and as our planned acquisition of Macromedia moves forward, I am wondering what you are thinking about, especially when you think of Adobe in the future. What do you think we should be doing? Do you have any big questions that you feel are unanswered? Do you think we are on the right track? I have gotten a lot of feedback and talked with developers around the world but I still want to hear from you – this is your chance to get in on the plan for the future.

These are exciting times, and I am very curious to see what opening my blog up during the planning process does for the benefit of the community at large. Post a comment here or send email to – that is my team’s public email address for any and all issues, thoughts, questions, etc. Thanks in advance for the input.

And now I fly, back to the land of the brave and the home of the free. The funny thing is that although I arrive only hours after I leave, I will actually miss a day of blogging – so go ahead and take your time getting back to me (smile and wave).

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  1. Agree – the new version of HGTTG was not as good as the original. They tried to copy the original comedy almost line for line which leads me to question “why”. Original is best!!