Adobe + Macromedia = (G) All of the above

1) Equals a lot of hard work that we have been doing to align our various product lines and the benefits of that are already apparent in the new bundles you can find on the Adobe store. I can get Dreamweaver with Photoshop? Sign me up!

2) Equals some best kept secrets that our team and many other teams have been doing to build some great sample applications – Macromedia Flex with Adobe LiveCycle, Macromedia ColdFusion with Adobe LiveCycle, Macromedia Flash with Adobe Acrobat and more… stay tuned to our developer centers for more on this.

3) Equals a new world of opportunity for developers interested in taking advantage of the largest installed interactive, multimedia, customizable, extensible platform for client applications. We have seen some great examples of this already and we are asking you to tell us what you are working on this area so we can better understand the new world of possiblity. Got something cool to share? Comment on this blog or send an email to

4) Equals time to roll up our sleeves and start the real integration work, not the integration of two companies, but the integration of two complete worlds of software that are already well established with business users, developers and designers. We are already working on the next version of LiveCycle here at Adobe and we are very excited about the opportunity this will present to us.

5) Equals a huge sigh of relief on everyone’s part. Us techie types don’t really spend a lot of time thinking about what it takes to really make a deal like this happen. Instead we tend to get right down in the weeds as soon as possible and start trying to reinvent the wheel (IMHO, square is underrated even though its a bumpy path to take). When it comes to mergers or acquisitions, we want to acquire the code instead of our rival, merge the data instead of our domains, optimize the runtime instead of the resources, and we really only need lawyers to be part of the focus group on the new UI.

6) Equals Integration above the API – encouraged and supported! You still bend the rules, you still break the apps, you still find the hidden features (yes, we have no buggy bananas), and you still have to make it do what you want it to. But, now we can actually help. In fact, this morning the first order of business was supporting an early example of very tight integration between Flash and Acrobat by some very talented developers. (more to come on this…)

7) An opportunity for a multiple choice question. Adobe+Macromedia = :

a) A sign of life for Web 2.0.
b) A truly everywhere client platform.
c) A real composite application development suite.
d) The beginning of the end of deployment-driven architectures.
e) One of the largest and fastest growing developer communities around.
f) A new face for Java.
f) A really cool bunch of awesome geekiness with all the requisite blinky lights and shiny knobs.

If you answered a resounding “Gee, yes, yes, yes” to all of the above, then you’d fit right in around here today.

Ed. note: Yes, he drank the koolaid – although it’s technically not his fault, Mike Potter actually drank some first and then slipped it into Ben’s coffee while he was busy talking up the person rumored to be his new boss. These things happen.