Adobe LiveCycle, Flex and ColdFusion Training for Developers

Adobe Developer Week is a full week of online technical seminars on Adobe technologies, scheduled for June 12-16. This is a great chance to attend a technology conference without the $1000 registration fee, the airport security lineups, eating food from a small box, dealing with dodgy wireless connections and ducking unwanted flyers from the booth babes. A conference you can attend in your robe…now that’s good thinking!

There is an effective cross-section of introductory content for folks new to Adobe software, and a few deeper sessions for the veterans…my picks include Duane Nickull’s Processing Models for the New Client and the folks from Ensemble doing an Introduction to Adobe LiveCycle Workflow and QPAC Development. Mike Downey’s ActionScript 3.0 for Flash & RIA Developers with principal scientist, Gary Grossman will be a good session for those taking a first look at AS3. Joe Rinehart’s ColdFusion and Model-Glue also looks pretty interesting. I would also recommend the Flex session, Enterprise development with Flex Builder and Flex Data Services with James Ward and the Apollo session – Building Killer RIAs? Meet: Adobe‚Äôs Next-Gen Technology with the Apollo product manager, Luis Polanco. This one will book up fast so register now.

This FREE, week-long event features live, online sessions presented by Adobe technology experts. See live demos and get your questions answered by the experts during interactive Q & A sessions. You could win a copy of Flex Builder 2, an iRiver H10, or other cool prizes just for attending.

Adobe Developer Week – you register for only the individual sessions you choose to attend.

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