AJAX Developer Day at XTech

Today was a solid day of demos, details and development on AJAX in Amsterdam at XTech. One speaker pointed out that there are now over 134 AJAX frameworks – it is amazing to see what developers are doing in the browser.

Flex drew some oohs and aahs as well with this crowd – seeing great components being built for Flex definitely build interest in the platform.

Highlights from the lightning demo session today include:
– Carculatr – a used car pricing guide built on AJAX for mobile
– Javeline – data driven UI and events for AJAX
– Adactio – link hijacks mashup in a terminal application UI (there was AJAX GUI too, but the terminal stuff was cooler)
– DabbleDB – like a file maker application (db) for the web – columns with context
– Opera AJACS – full screen AJAX on a Nokia with Canvas to handle 3D and audio
– eMessenger – componentized AJAX chat client based on the big messenger providers

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