Amsterdam XTech

I bet you think three X’s following the name of the city on their heraldic device and everything down to the drains are something other than symbolic of a cross upon which an apostle by the name of Andrew was crucified. Why three? According to Queen Wilhelmina who decreed them, they represent three moral virtues: Compassion, Resolution, and Heroism. You thought they meant something else?

X – Compassion: Back in Amsterdam showing our support for another XTech. I guess they felt sorry for me having to travel all the way to Amsterdam (ha!) so I got added at the last minute to the AJAX day tomorrow – spinning up a new talk on the interaction models and UI practices that make for good RIA, and digging into the Services Oriented Client with AJAX and Adobe Flex.

X – Resolution: High resolution. It’s all about handling events and states. The fun is in the UI and the coding – you have all that expression baked in your IDE now, don’t you? My resolution: try harder if I find it needs more than one button that just says, “Yes, Yes, Yes.”

X – Heroism: Have you seen Spry yet? Minimum J AJAX – sweet. Maybe I’ll show it tomorrow. Also in Amsterdam this week, besides all the normal goings-on, looks like the Barcamp Amsterdam II is cooking – so we are all looking forward to the sessions and lessons this week.

Turns out I’m missing the sessions, lessons and all the Guru:Logic at JavaOne . Like I said, it’s all about the events and getting into the States.


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  1. Fancy returning to Amsterdam (or sending one of yours)? We’d love to have a UI/RIA-aware Flex representative present at The Web and Beyond ( The people at Adobe that we spoke to say they can’t send someone senior enough (you’d be in one session with Backbase)!?Let me know…