I need a Big Fix

One of the challenges in software deployment and management is getting all the right runtimes, drivers, etc in place. At Adobe, this keeps me up at night – how are we going to get our millions of users to update Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash so that our amazing community of developers can trust that their funky new “engaging” RIA will be able to run when a user wants it.

This situation is further compounded in the enterprise where IT staff are forced to do all kinds of contortions to keep up with the demands for a latest, greatest runtime. Do we let users do it themselves? Thats not a good idea, right? Do we sanitize all proposed updates, run them in a sandbox to evaluate, and then do limited rollouts to evaluate impact? That sounds expensive, and it will definitely delay the deployments I am personally vying for? Do we trust vendors to supply us with integratable packages that make network deployment seamless and painless? HA!

I was pleasantly surprised to see that BigFix had introduced some new technology that they call Fixlets (cute) that solve this problem, at least for us here at Adobe, and for their nearly 400 enterprise customers.

“BigFix Enterprise Suite 6.0, a new version of the company’s flagship software that integrates new features that offer capabilities for software license management, expanded executive and compliance reporting, delegation of authority, and client system group management capabilities.”

“BigFix has added real-time inventory and pre-packaged updates for widely used third-party Microsoft Windows-compatible applications to the automated software patch and update distribution service that supports its BigFix Enterprise Suite software.

The new service, packaged as BigFix Fixlet messages, initially includes updates for Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Reader…(and so on) ”

Good news! Now there should be no excuse for not being able to see that amazing Flex app I just sent you, or not to just stare in awe at the architect sketches of your new mansion that were sent in Acrobat 3D.