InterAKT with Adobe

Awesome news finally out today that we acquired Romania-based software firm InterAKT, the folks responsible for some of the most useful Dreamweaver extensions in the business and that sweet little Javascript editor, JSEclipse.

Officially speaking, the acquisition will enhance Adobe products, including Macromedia® Dreamweaver® and Adobe® Flex® software, and bolster Adobe’s presence in Eastern Europe. Don’t ask me for any specifics on the deal, but it is obvious that commercially this represents some exciting opportunities to extend Dreamweaver’s capabilities for web application development and to simultaneously expand the Flex lineup.

Alexandru Costin and Bogdan Ripa have created a terrific team who really get web application development and they have put out some exciting technologies, and these will either be provided via Adobe Labs, discontinued, or available within Kollection – a newly expanded version of MX Kollection Pro, InterAKT’s most popular product.

Specifically, JSEclipse should be posted on Adobe Labs in the next little while, and Phakt will be posted for free on the Exchange.

I know that James Governor will want to weigh in about our continued unhealthy obsession with Java, but IMHO it just got a whole lot healthier. At least it weighs less, runs faster and generally looks healthier from an R&D perspective. Call me superficial….