InterAKT with Adobe

Awesome news finally out today that we acquired Romania-based software firm InterAKT, the folks responsible for some of the most useful Dreamweaver extensions in the business and that sweet little Javascript editor, JSEclipse.

Officially speaking, the acquisition will enhance Adobe products, including Macromedia® Dreamweaver® and Adobe® Flex® software, and bolster Adobe’s presence in Eastern Europe. Don’t ask me for any specifics on the deal, but it is obvious that commercially this represents some exciting opportunities to extend Dreamweaver’s capabilities for web application development and to simultaneously expand the Flex lineup.

Alexandru Costin and Bogdan Ripa have created a terrific team who really get web application development and they have put out some exciting technologies, and these will either be provided via Adobe Labs, discontinued, or available within Kollection – a newly expanded version of MX Kollection Pro, InterAKT’s most popular product.

Specifically, JSEclipse should be posted on Adobe Labs in the next little while, and Phakt will be posted for free on the Exchange.

I know that James Governor will want to weigh in about our continued unhealthy obsession with Java, but IMHO it just got a whole lot healthier. At least it weighs less, runs faster and generally looks healthier from an R&D perspective. Call me superficial….

9 Responses to InterAKT with Adobe

  1. This is so very cool. I hope that Adobe keeps up these smaller acquisitions and doesn’t just focus on the big ones.Interakt not only has shown a proclivity for great software development, they also reach out to the community and contribute a lot of valuable training and technical info. It’s nice to see Adobe is executing well on some aspects of the acquisition.

  2. Gary says:

    You may think this is “awesome news” but as an InterAKT customer I do not see anything good about this acquisition. Before you make comment on this you should check out the InterAKT’s Forum to see what their customers are thinking.

  3. davide says:

    You didn’t mention the fact that all the products of interakt (except for a new version??!! of Kollection)has been discountinued from Adobe. All Interakt’s customers like us too has spent money for products that now in a day have no more value. Our staff is happy to have begin to move in this years to linux and open source applications,although some applications cannot be compared to commercial one.Today we are sure that paying for commercial licenses grants us no rights for being customers, but only to be frustrated.

  4. Neil Eisenberg says:

    I have to agree. I am completely disillusioned after having spent months beta testing their new Ajax Toolkit that it is no longer offerred, supported or available. I recently shelled out almost $1000 in extensions and am waiting for an upgrade to get them all working together, and now that wont happen.I have yet to see anything close to what Interakt had been working on coming out of Adobe. I’m totally depressed.

  5. GV says:

    I agree with the comments above. Why would Adobe discontinue products that people want/demand? I recently purchased an extension that I am happy with. However, I cannot/will not build any application with it? It is a shame they would pull good products off of the market. I wonder if the company was acquired soley for this purpose?

  6. Susan Kanagawa says:

    I’m in a big mess right now because of this acquisition. I downloaded the trial copy of Interakt’s MX Calendar a few weeks ago, then returned this morning to purchase it after deciding that it was the right solution for me… only to discover that they discontinued the product! I had already designed my site around using the extension, and I haven’t been able to find another solution! Do you know if there’s a way to legally purchase an extension second-hand?

  7. thewackonerd says:

    Murphy’s law: when everything is going along just rosie, some big idiot steps in and mucks it up for everyone.A new version of MX Kolection came out days before the takeover and has not been included in the new ‘Kollection’ I had some great stuff that intergrated with their AJAX extention, thats gone also….. Murphy’s law

  8. Valdis Ozols says:

    Well … I consider myself lucky one – after doing some research I just stopped short of recommending their stuff for some company involved in web design. Looks like this is good time to avoid small goodies from small companies – nevermind how excellent they are at their technical works. Basically they discontinued future usability of all efforts invested by their customers in products bought from interAkt.

  9. Hey Ben and Bogdan,I think this is great news! We’re currently using JSEclipse and it’s a great tool. I’m sure it’s going to get better faster:) I can see from the comment thread here that there is a lot of concern about what’s going to happen to the product line, which is valid and some stuff is going to change for sure. But the products they do support will be that much better with with the resources the InterAkt team will have access to at Adobe. I’m sure they’ll provided a lot of great new innovations now that they have better market access and development resources. Furthermore before you all start whining you might want to consider how hard it is to build and run a small software company, to see entrepreneurs succeed is great! Had things not gone well and they’d gone out of business who’s blog would post on then? I wouldn’t worry too much anyway, the web dev/ajax market is pretty hot right now and some other vendor will move in to pick up any holes in the offering after the acquisition. IMHO;-)