One AJAX dev speaks out…

I found this interesting review of FlexBuilder by an AJAX developer, Anthony G. Cyphers –\

“Flex comes packed full of pre-built controls. I mean, damn, how many more could they have possibly packed in there without jacking the price up over $5000.00. It’s got everything, MenuBar, Accordian, ComboBoxes, ListBoxes, Panels, TitleWindows, DatePicker, ColorPicker, DataGrid, and a bunch more. This makes it so easy to use that the thought of not building at least one small web app in it just made me sick to my stomach. They’ve obviously put many MANY man hours in to this, and it’s evident that this platform isn’t going to disappear anytime soon. I urge anyone reading this to get the trial, take it for a test drive,…”

Nice. Thanks!