MAX Announcement: LiveCycle 2.5 adds supported solutions and mobile clients

Today at Adobe MAX, we announced the availability of Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite 2.5, a new version of our suite for helping organizations deliver superior customer experiences across personal computers and mobile devices.

Increasingly Adobe is putting the customer and employees that work with customers  at the center of how an organization does business and organizes technology. When organizations take an end-to-end customer-centric approach to enterprise applications we have seen this create meaningful and effective experiences that deliver topline growth and bottom line efficiency.

With LiveCycle ES2.5, we are delivering on that principle in a few key ways:

  • Supported solutions that enable personalized communication and experiences out of the box
  • Native mobile clients for Android, Blackberry and more
  • New capabilities around social collaboration
  • Native connector for Sharepoint 2010 to extend the Adobe DRM model to document libraries and storage
  • Better integration between application tiles to support persistent security models that enable customization and sharing of experiences

This builds on the enterprise RIA and document services roadmap, and paves the way to a more holistic story around content and applications as LiveCycle continues to empower the enterprise to provide engaging experiences.  These come in myriad forms.  Many Adobe customers simply improve customer on-boarding and retention, others focus on broader brand awareness through interactive digital communications and channels and even more continue on the path of focusing on and driving process efficiencies.

LiveCycle ES2.5 continues to build on the platform promise to add powerful social experiences to enterprise RIAs that embed real-time collaboration capabilities such as chat, voice and video for interacting with customers in a more meaningful, personal way.

And critical business processes can now be extended to mobile devices through multi-screen delivery, providing true enterprise mobility for organizations.

Beyond the new capabilities of LiveCycle ES2.5 itself, we also introduced three new Solution Accelerators:

  • Correspondence Management Solution Accelerator
  • Interactive Statements Solution Accelerator
  • Managed Review & Approval Solution Accelerator

In the past Adobe provided Solution Accelerators that helped you kick-start project planning and decrease development time for building applications but these were in  the form of packaged best practices and some guidance and starting points for our customers to leverage an agile application development and deployment model.  Now we take this one step further by providing fully supported solutions that include all the necessary components as well as the expected best practice methodologies, solution templates, and building blocks to extend LiveCycle ES2.5.

Find out more about LiveCycle ES 2.5 by following the #AdobeMax tag on Twitter, subscribing to the Experience Delivers blog, or visiting the Adobe LiveCycle website where we will be posting information on how to get your team access to the software and solutions.

Also today we announced new versions of FlashBuilder, Flash Catalyst and the Flex SDK; Burrito, Panini and Hero respectively. You can now download preview releases of all three products from Adobe Labs.

You can learn more about these exciting new releases by reading our intro articles written by our product managers:

Andrew Shorten’s What’s New in Flash Builder “Burrito”

Deepa Subramaniam’s What’s New in Flex SDK “Hero”

Narciso Jaramillo’s Mobile Development Using Flex SDK “Hero” and Flash Builder “Burrito”

Doug Winnie’s What’s New in Flash Catalyst “Panini”

Looking forward to the keynotes and perhaps even more exciting announcements tomorrow morning!

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