Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Anne-Marie Concepción

Anne-Marie Concepción, along with David Blatner, run the InDepsensible InDesign Secrets website. Anne-Marie has also recently produced an excellent InDesign/InCopy workflow training series for Lynda.com. If you want to learn about using InCopy in concert with InDesign (espcially if you go "commando"), you need Her Geekness to show you the way.

Here are Anne-Marie’s favorite keyboard shortcut modifications:


  • Selection Tool: add the Esc key as an alternate kbsc
  • Direct Selection Tool: add option/alt+Esc as an alternate kbsc
  • Toggle Preview/Normal: add option/alt+W as an alternate kbsc

Edit Menu

  • Spelling: Dynamic Spelling option/alt+D to toggle on/off (show/hide the squigglies, quick check for misspellings)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts: option/alt+K (it’s embarrassing this has no default shortcut!)

Layout Menu

  • Margins & Columns: control+M (Mac only, would have to experiment on a PC) … I’m frequently in this dialog box

Type Menu

  • Change Case: Sentence case command+option+shift+K (one more modifier than for making all caps; I use this command to convert horrible all caps text to "normal" so it’s easy to remember.)
  • Fill with Placeholder Text: option/alt+F (I use this command all the time, esp. during training, and have the students add it as well)

Type Menu

  • Insert Footnote: shift+option/alt+F (bonus that this becomes the same kbsc for Go to Footnote Reference when the cursor is in a footnote)

Window Menu

  • Workspace: Load 1st/2nd/etc.Workspace: shift+F1, shift+F2, etc.
  • Palette Menus Character: Open Type: Fractions: Ctrl+C (would have to experiment for PC shortcut) toggles fractions on and off. I press this shortcut right before I enter a fraction, then press it again to turn it off so the commas I enter don’t end up above the baseline (common prob. w/some OT fonts like Myriad Pro)
  • Palette Menus Color: Add to Swatches shift+option/alt+S


For people who use InCopy:

Notes Menu

  • New Note: shift+option/alt+N (so no need to switch to Note tool from Type tool just to insert a note)

Edit Menu

  • InCopy Export Selection: shift+option/alt+E

Palette Menus

  • Assignment: Update All Assignments: shift+option/alt+U

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