Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Michael Stoddart

Michael Stoddart has worked for Adobe Systems since 1996, based in the Sydney office. He contributes the following:

  • Select Content: ctrl+C (that’s Ctrl on the Mac. Windows users don’t have both a cmd and ctrl key.)
  • Select Container: Shift+ctrl+C (also on the Mac)

This is a way to quickly toggle between visibility of the XY coordinates of both a frame and its imported image or graphical content.

2 Responses to Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Michael Stoddart

  1. Rene says:

    so do I understand that you can’t do that on a PC?

    TC: You can do it, but you’ll be stepping on the toes of other, default shortcuts. Ctrl+C and ctrl+C are already assigned to other functions on Windows. You can change these, of course, but you may not want to lose those particular shortcuts. Because the Mac has both a ctrl and a cmd key, those two shortcuts aren’t already assigned.

    If you like Michael’s Mac idea, you’ll need to either replace other shortcuts you don’t mind losing, or find a different, unassigned key combination that will work just as well for you.

  2. Ben says:

    Great Tip!