Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Russell Viers

Russell Viers is an Adobe certified trainer, consultant, and therapist. If you’re looking for a different kind of internet learning experience, check out his website.

Russell shares these keyboard shortcut hacks:

A couple of type editing essentials for the editors out there:

  1. I assign opt/alt + N to No Break
  2. I assign opt/alt + U to Upper Case
  3. I assign opt/alt + L to Lower Case

I go through my most frequently used tools and add a second shortcut, with the opt/alt in front of the existing shortcut letter so I can access them quickly when in Type mode. The main ones I do are Selection, Direct Selection, Print Preview, Pencil, Pen, Free Transform…uh…and eyedropper. Others may have their own most-used tools.

I wish you could shortcut Ignore Text Wrap. [TC: hire Dave Saunders to write a script for you]

And I always assign a shortcut for the Welcome Screen, because you never know when you’re going to need to feel welcome.

A bit outdated, now, but if I know anyone is still using CS1, I suggest changing the cmd/ctrl + . that causes Optimized Display by default to be Typical Display…that way they don’t run screaming from the room when their photos go gray and Undo doesn’t fix it.

One Response to Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Russell Viers

  1. Regarding Ignore Text Wrap:
    You could allways check on the “Text Wrap Only Afects Text Beneath” options in the Preference dialogbox (Composition menu).

    By doing this, all you have to do is to put the textframe on top of your objects (which have assigned Text Wrap to it), and the Text Wrap will be ignored ..!