Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Russell Viers

Russell Viers is an Adobe certified trainer, consultant, and therapist. If you’re looking for a different kind of internet learning experience, check out his website.

Russell shares these keyboard shortcut hacks:

A couple of type editing essentials for the editors out there:

  1. I assign opt/alt + N to No Break
  2. I assign opt/alt + U to Upper Case
  3. I assign opt/alt + L to Lower Case

I go through my most frequently used tools and add a second shortcut, with the opt/alt in front of the existing shortcut letter so I can access them quickly when in Type mode. The main ones I do are Selection, Direct Selection, Print Preview, Pencil, Pen, Free Transform…uh…and eyedropper. Others may have their own most-used tools.

I wish you could shortcut Ignore Text Wrap. [TC: hire Dave Saunders to write a script for you]

And I always assign a shortcut for the Welcome Screen, because you never know when you’re going to need to feel welcome.

A bit outdated, now, but if I know anyone is still using CS1, I suggest changing the cmd/ctrl + . that causes Optimized Display by default to be Typical Display…that way they don’t run screaming from the room when their photos go gray and Undo doesn’t fix it.