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Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Colin Fleming

Adobe’s Colin Fleming shares this favorite keyboard shortcut modification:

I use cmd/ctrl+shift+W as a secondary Fit Spread in Window shortcut.

It’s a classic Freehand shortcut, can be done with one hand as opposed to cmd/ctrl+opt/alt+0. The default behavior for this shortcut is to close your document window. You’ve already got cmd/ctrl+W to do that, so re-purposing cmd/ctrl+shift+W is a no brainer.

Tabbed Text Into Tables

There’s a great new productivity feature in InDesign CS3 that you may not have heard about. In InDesign CS3 you can now copy and paste tabbed text across a selection of table cells.

For example, suppose you have last issue’s finished, formatted table:

and now I have this month’s updated content. The formatting of the table remains the same, I just need to replace the text in some of the cells.

One way to do this in CS3 is to link to an external Excel spreadsheet that you import into InDesign and update the link. If you’ve formatted your table using InDesign CS3’s table styles, you’ll retain most of your formatting.

But suppose you don’t have a new spreadsheet. Suppose what you’re handed for the new issue is some tab-delimited text that came from who-knows-where:

All you need to do to replace the content in the old table with your new tab delimited content is copy the tabbed text to the clipboard, select the range of cells to be updated, and then paste into the table using the Paste Without Formatting command (cmd/ctrl + shift + V). By using this command, the text will adopt the formatting of the table cells into which you are pasting it.

The ability to intelligently paste tabbed text into an existing table is a great new productivity feature that can save you a ton of time if you’re regularly updating table data.

InDesign Conference, NYC

I’m in New York City for big InDesign Conference. It’s great to connect with all my InDesign pundit friends here in the Big Apple. The conference binder keeps getting thicker, and the hundreds of attendees will leave with a lot of information that will help them get the most out of InDesign CS3.

The speaker roster is most excellent, and, in addition to being very knowledgeable and engaging, most of them are also very, very nice people. If you’re not here, you’re missing out. Branislav Milic, the EU’s official InDesign Grand Master, theorist, and combat trainer has come all the way from Belgium to be here. Claudia McCue traveled from deepest, darkest Lawrenceville, GA. Scott Citron and Sandee Cohen took taxis from their fashionable New York apartments.

Of course, Russell Viers will be missed here in NY. A day without Russell is like a day without fiber. Do check out his interview with Rufus Deuchler on YabbAdobeDo.

Yesterday Anne-Marie ConcepciĆ³n and Sandee Cohen delivered excellent introductory sessions on InCopy and InDesign respectively (check out these fabulous cellphone action photos):

Today David Blatner and I open the conference with a keynote that will cover some of the high points in the new InDesign CS3 release. 45 minutes is, of course, an utterly inadquate amount of time to do justice to the new release, and the situation will be exacerbated by David’s constant, pointless interruptions. It should be fun.

Adobe Live! Amsterdam

I was in Amsterdam all last week participating with my Adobe colleagues at the great big Adobe Live! event there. I was joined by fellow evangelists Jason Levine and Greg Rewis, fabulous local Adobe talent like Ton Fredericks, as well as other guest pundits like Photoshop guru Katrin Eismann. Thousands of attendees learned about the latest releases from Adobe, as well as other tips, tricks, and techniques. The Adobe Live tour continues this week in other European cities.

Jason Levine in action in Amsterdam.