InDesign & Leopard: UPDATE II

If you’re having problems running InDesign on Leopard, please submit crash logs to Adobe. They are being examined as they arrive.

We are noticing that we are receiving crash logs for Leopard that indicate that users are using pre-release builds (i.e., builds with numbers lower than 458). No one should be using a pre-release build on any OS, let alone the new Leopard release.

You can find the build number by simply clicking on the application icon in the Finder. The build number is the three digit number after the version number:

When you check your build number, you should see either the number 458 (which would correspond to InDesign CS3/5.0) or 624 (which is the build number for InDesign CS3/5.01).

If you’ve got a pre-release build (which you should not), then don’t be surprised if it behaves in unpredictable and aberrant ways, and don’t be surprised if we don’t support it on Leopard.

If, however, you’re using either release builds 458 or 624, then we definitely want to get your crash reports and bug reports. Please send us the crash logs when option appears, and (as previously requested) take the time to submit a bug report here that includes the details of your Leopard installation process.