InDesign & Leopard: UPDATE II

If you’re having problems running InDesign on Leopard, please submit crash logs to Adobe. They are being examined as they arrive.

We are noticing that we are receiving crash logs for Leopard that indicate that users are using pre-release builds (i.e., builds with numbers lower than 458). No one should be using a pre-release build on any OS, let alone the new Leopard release.

You can find the build number by simply clicking on the application icon in the Finder. The build number is the three digit number after the version number:

When you check your build number, you should see either the number 458 (which would correspond to InDesign CS3/5.0) or 624 (which is the build number for InDesign CS3/5.01).

If you’ve got a pre-release build (which you should not), then don’t be surprised if it behaves in unpredictable and aberrant ways, and don’t be surprised if we don’t support it on Leopard.

If, however, you’re using either release builds 458 or 624, then we definitely want to get your crash reports and bug reports. Please send us the crash logs when option appears, and (as previously requested) take the time to submit a bug report here that includes the details of your Leopard installation process.

9 Responses to InDesign & Leopard: UPDATE II

  1. ME says:

    In the ME version that was released, the build number is 236

  2. I am having problems saving, and exporting. InDesign crashes every time. I have been submitting crash reports, but I’ve got work backing up and need to find a solution. I checked my build number and all I have is 5.0.1

    I purchased and installed CS3 Master collection the day it was released. Any idea???? Any help is greatly appriciated.

    Thanks, Jonathan

    [TC: Jon, can you give me a little more detail? Saving and exporting what? I’m checking with engineering and support right now to learn what they’re seeing in crash logs. At the moment I don’t know of a known issue with saving ID files or exporting them as PDF directly from InDesign on Leopard. As per my earlier post, the build number is the 3 digit number that follows the 5.0.1 that you can see in the finder when you click on the ID application icon in the Finder’s columns view. It should read]

  3. alan Caluya says:

    Is there anything i can do about InDesign CS3 crashing on startup because of my Leopard Upgrade. I know that is says that my build is supposed to be at 458 or above, but i am not. I need help.

    [TC: If you’re not using either build 458 (CS3/5.0) or 624 (CS3/5.0.1) then there’s no help available. If you’re not using either of those builds, then you’re not using the release versions of the software. Adobe only supports official releases, for obvious reasons. The release versions support Leopard, pre-release versions do not.]

  4. Jimi Heffernan says:

    My problem is that it simply writes 5.0 as the version number on InDesign. What does that mean? It doesn’t list a build number. I am positive about this.

    [TC: Where are you looking at the version number. The Finder’s column view will give you the build number, as will doing a cmd + About InDesign. Under Application Info the first thing you will see is “Adobe InDesign Version,” and you’ll see the build number after either 5.0 or 5.0.1 depending on which one you have.]

  5. Harbs says:

    The latest ME build number is 251… (There is an update to 251 available for download on Winsoft’s site.)

    [TC: For those of you who don’t know, ME = Middle East. Winsoft is licensed by Adobe to develop the ME version of InDesign.]

  6. Thorarinn Gylfason says:

    Good day

    After I upgraded Leopard from 10.5.1 to 10.5.2 couple of days ago InDesign and Photoshop haven’t worked. I tried to upgrade the software but that didn’t work. I checked my build number on InDesign and it is 640. I’m using a perfectly legal software I bought and I have sent reports to Apple. Can you give me any answers on this?

  7. Hello. I ran across your blog searching for solutions to my InDesign instability issues. We have three machines in our shop running ID, and they are having various issues. But my first question concerns the posts above about the ‘build number’. Like Thorarinn Gylfason above, my number ends in 640, and I ordered all my CS3s directly from Adobe! Do I not have a supported version? Thanks!

    [TC: Stephen, no need to worry. 640 is the build number for ID 5.0.2, so you’ve got the real deal. If you’re experiencing instability with Leopard, read all the blog entries on the NavSvcs problems that Apple has yet to fix for us. Look at the entry entitled Leopard Leap for one user’s workaround that has reduced instability for him.]

  8. Tremendous help, thank you. Curious…are these problems on the PowerPC processors only, or the Intel boxes as well?

    [TC: Stephen, the problem appears to be more common on PPC boxes, but also happens on Intel as well.]

  9. Brand new MAC came with Leopard 10.5. New install of ID3 (640). Cannot export InDesign file to PDF – not Save As (options: document or template) or Export. Tries, then get message: Failed to Export the PDF file. Please offer solution. Thanks.

    [TC: Hi Peggy, your issue doesn’t sound like an OSX problem, so you’ll need to contact Tech Support or post your question on the User to User forums. More information is needed to trouble-shoot your problem.]