Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Casey D’Andrea

Casey D’Andrea is an InDesign expert, trainer, consultant, and the patron saint of keyboard shortcuts. Casey has done his own makeover of InDesign CS3’s keyboard shortcuts, functional area by functional area. In addition to creating his own customized keyboard shortcut file, Casey also produced a layered PDF file that hi-lites his changes, and adds some color commentary to explain many of his changes.

It’s a must-have collection of keyboard shortcut ideas, and you can download the shortcut file and the accompanying PDF here.

Casey works at Loop, and IT services company in Ontario, Canada.

Here is Casey’s email regarding his updated keyboard shortcut set:

It was always disconcerting when trying to track down a specific command. Some are not well advertised and there are indeed some great ones tucked in there! Your options are limited as the "show set" button within the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog presents a raw text listing of all the commands. You could also use InDesign’s well laid out help system. By the way, that’s over 1200 commands, and no, I did not count them manually 😉

I’ve been using InDesign since 1.0 and over the years I added my own custom shortcuts. I’ve reworked, reorganized and laid out the complete list of commands that can be assigned keyboard shortcuts. In CS3, they’ve added new panels as well as included previously bundles items, i.e. scripts, incopy plug-ins. You can quickly search for the command you’re curious about.

http://www.box.net/shared/17c14bp84t —- access to all individual files

Since there has been issues with Adobe Exchange I’ve given up on trying to have it posted. I don’t really have a website (read: too busy), so I decided to use Box.net, a free file hosting service. If you click on the following link it will take you to a page contain all of the files, including the CS2 versions. Simply navigate the folders like you would your Desktop and download what you want. The zipped files (archived via the Finder) contain all the files for each version of the document — indd, pdf, indk


I’m going to keep working on improving these files when I have time. I’ve yet to update the Windows-based shortcut file for CS3, but I will.
Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Constructive criticism, feedbacks, suggestions, etc.

Maybe someday I’ll generate the same kind of file for Illustrator and Photoshop. A rather ambitious thought, so no promises ;-P


name: InDesign-CS-Shortcuts-1210-Mac.indd

+ using CS3 bundled fonts, Myriad Pro, Minion Pro
+ plus system font, Lucida Grande
+ multiple layers

– factory default shortcuts
– custom shortcuts – you can copy make your own changes
– toc, tips, common elements
– rationale – gives my reasoning for changing or adding shortcuts
CS3 – new and improved commands – mimics the blue colored menus
+ some tips that might prove helpful
– option key is your friend
– context specific shortcuts
CS3 – quick access panel for shortcuts (courtesy of indesignsecrets.com and dtptools.com)
+ decent use of staple InDesign features
– object styles – tip boxes, funky dashed line, rationale boxes and pointers
– anchored objects – rationale boxes and pointers
– bookmarks and hyperlinks – realized when exported to PDf
– nested styles – saving TONS of manual formatting within each line
– paragraph rules – to achieve the alternating rows effect
– master pages
– corner options, if you can spot it
CS3 – text variables, well one
CS3 – incorporated style groups
CS3 – updated colour schemes, toned down
CS3 – renamed layers, swatches, styles


name: InDesign-CS-Shortcuts-1210-Mac.pdf
+ layered to toggle what you what you want
– default
– custom (on by default)
– new and improved
– rationale
+ bookmarks navigation panel and hyperlinks
– TOC works
– clicking back on product area names or header take you back to TOC
– bookmarks panel includes tips
– active links for indesignsecrets.com and dtptools.com
– active links for my email and company website (bottom right, back page)
+ embedded shortcut set file
– pop open Attachments navigation panel to access / download the shortcut set file, 1210 possibilities.indk
– to give all users access copy to Applications / Adobe InDesign CS3 / Presets / InDesign Shortcut Sets /


name: InDesign-CS-Shortcuts-375-Mac.indd
+ a much-requested InDesign document that includes only the shortcut-assigned commands
+ the corresponding PDF, InDesign-CS-Shortcuts-375-Mac.pdf

4 Responses to Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Casey D’Andrea

  1. Ben Leivian says:

    This is an incredible resource for keyboard shortcuts. It looks as though a ton of time has been put into designing the PDF’s. Thank you very much.

  2. Ben Leivian says:

    This second comment is for including the native files! Wow!

  3. Casey D'Andrea says:

    Yup, I was frustrated, and this was the result. Glad you like it Ben. As far as the native files go, that was pretty much the whole point. Giving others an opportunity to tweak it as they see fit. 😉

    Oh, and Tim, wayyyyy too much props for this guy. Hopefully folks can get something from it. Man, that pic is killing me! LOL

  4. Klaus Nordby says:

    Casey, thank you very much for making these files! I made a number of fascinating discoveries in your file, and have already implemented some of your excellent, rationale-based ideas.