Thumbnail Icons?

InDesign Secrets received a great question from a user in Geneva, Switzerland:

I’m sure you’ve replied to this question a hundred times.
Do you know a way to make InDesign CS3 files show a preview icon instead of the generic InDesign file icon? Wasn’t this possible in previous versions? I’ve been googling around with no success.

You can see this kind of preview in Bridge if you have set InDesign’s preferences to include a thumbnail image in the document’s metadata. It would be possible to see a thumbnail in InDesign’s Open dialog if we grabbed that thumbnail in the metadata as well, but at the moment we’re not doing that and Bridge is your best alternative.

Getting a thumbnail in the Finder or explorer is a more complicated proposition, and right now it’s not supported. The Mac and Windows operating systems have different methods of enabling this type of thumbnail, and in the case of the Mac OS, this support has been inconsistent from version to version so it hasn’t been pursued.