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InDesign & Leopard: Update IV

I’ve been keeping tabs with engineering regarding reported issues with InDesign on Leopard, and here’s current situation:

  1. There’s a problem hiding InDesign or other applications.
  2. There’s an intermitent problem copying and pasting vectors out of InDesign CS3 and into Illustrator CS3.
  3. The most serious issue is the Nav Svcs problem that can cause a crash when interacting with the file system via InDesign CS3’s Place, Export, Save, re-Linking etc. dialog boxes. This problem occurs far more often on PPC machines running Leopard. Some users experiencing these crashes have reported that trashing their InDesign Preferences temorarily removes the problem for them. Our testing has not confirmed that.

There is also a known problem using PDF printer from InDesign CS3, but that’s an Acrobat compatibility problem. That issue should be addressed when an update to Acrobat 8 is released.

In the case of items 1 thru 3 above, we have been pursuing these issues with Apple and are having to wait on their engineering teams for information on the source of the problems and the ways they can be fixed. We are not able to debug Apple’s system code to diagnose the source of these problems, so we have no choice but to wait for them to do the work on their end and let us know what they find.