InDesign & Leopard: Update V

I wanted to do a full-blown post to discuss a comment on an earlier post suggesting that uninstalling Version Cue will fix the Nav Svcs crash problem. Our developers think it’s highly unlikely that this is an effective way to solve this problem for the following reason: InDesign uses some Version Cue code for the operation of dialogs that navigate the file system whether Version Cue is installed or not, and whether it’s turned on or not. This code is built into InDesign. So, uninstalling Version Cue does not in any way change what happens when one of those dialog boxes is invoked. It’s possible, however, that the uninstall process might, as a side effect, delete a Leopard cache somewhere that temporarily causes the problem to go away. Our internal testing, however, proves that the Nav Svcs problem can occur whether Version Cue is installed or not.

There does seem to be a tangible link between the occurence some Nav Svcs crashes and use of Leopard’s Spotlight feature. So, if you do experience one of these crashes, please include information about your Spotlight use if you are kind enough to send us a crash log.

We are continuing to work with Apple directly on the Nav Svcs issue, and all I’m at liberty to say at the moment is that progress is being made.