InDesign & Leopard: Update V

I wanted to do a full-blown post to discuss a comment on an earlier post suggesting that uninstalling Version Cue will fix the Nav Svcs crash problem. Our developers think it’s highly unlikely that this is an effective way to solve this problem for the following reason: InDesign uses some Version Cue code for the operation of dialogs that navigate the file system whether Version Cue is installed or not, and whether it’s turned on or not. This code is built into InDesign. So, uninstalling Version Cue does not in any way change what happens when one of those dialog boxes is invoked. It’s possible, however, that the uninstall process might, as a side effect, delete a Leopard cache somewhere that temporarily causes the problem to go away. Our internal testing, however, proves that the Nav Svcs problem can occur whether Version Cue is installed or not.

There does seem to be a tangible link between the occurence some Nav Svcs crashes and use of Leopard’s Spotlight feature. So, if you do experience one of these crashes, please include information about your Spotlight use if you are kind enough to send us a crash log.

We are continuing to work with Apple directly on the Nav Svcs issue, and all I’m at liberty to say at the moment is that progress is being made.

7 Responses to InDesign & Leopard: Update V

  1. Jim says:

    While I suffer from the inability to hide InDesign under Leopard, I do NOT have any issues at all with open, save, place or export dialogs.

    I’m wondering if it’s because I have DefaultFolder installed. Since it “hacks” the OSX dialog boxes fairly heavily, I’m wondering if it somehow removes the part that is causing the problem with ID?

    [TC: Thanks for the comment, Jim. I don’t know exactly what DefaultFolder would change about ID’s interaction with the OS in these instances, and it may be that you wouldn’t encounter the problem even if DefaultFolder was not installed. It’s by no means a universal problem. As stated before, it’s far more common on PPC machines than Mactel boxes, and not everyone on either processor experiences this problem. It would be interesting, nevertheless, to learn if anyone out there using DefaultFolder has experienced the Nav Svcs crash or not, because there just might be something to this…]

  2. stefan m. says:

    Hi Tim! Well, i experienced that these chrashes do not occur that often if i do not turn my powermac G5 off in the evening. i was gettin mad by these chrashes – so i tried to leave indesign open the whole night (and turn on the mac’s sleeping mode) so that – when i start working in the mornning – the mac and indesign are still running. the crashes STILL occur, but not that often. Hope, it will get fixed – by both companies… stefan from germany

  3. Travis Ritch says:

    The only way that I’ve found to remedy these crashes is to delete the preferences file for InDesign. However, if there was a document open when it crashed, this fix will not work on one restart of the program. You must restart the program so that you can close out the previously opened document (as it should open back up when you restart the program). Then you should quit InDesign and either trash your preferences manually or hold down shift-ctrl-option-apple while starting the program and it will prompt asking if you want to trash the preferences. Personally, since I got tired of losing my preferences, while InDesign was operating correctly, I made a copy of my preferences file on my desktop and after following the above procedures, I just copy the ‘good’ preferences file back in before I restart InDesign. Annoying, but I hope this helps.

  4. Thijs Louis says:

    Hi there… My only solution for these crashes, is not connecting any external hard drives to my mac. It seems that when I disconnect these firewire 400 & 800 drives, Indesign has got no problems saving, exporting, etc.. This is also very annoying, because I work in 2 different offices. So I copy all the files I need to my Mac HD everytime… I’m using a quad processor G5… Thijs from Belgium

  5. RHawley says:

    I am experiencing long lags with InDesign when switching between applications. It occurs only when I am clicking back on an open InDesign window. (Happy Spinning Rainbow). Also, I can’t “save” or “save as” to my server. I have to save to the desktop. With that said, I can’t copy saved files to the server or delete Indesign files from server because it says the files are still in use even when I close out the program. Suggestions?

    [TC: You’ll need to contact Tech Support for this one. It sounds like there are network configuration issues, but I couldn’t tell you for sure. You need to get online with someone who can trouble-shoot the environment with you.]

  6. Anna says:

    I have the same problem that Jim mentioned above – aoccsionally I can’t hide InDesign under Leopard(10.5.4). OR it can happen the other way round – it hides itself, and then I can’t get it back from the Dock. Then I have to force-quit the program.
    Additionally, after installing Leopard a few days ago, my InDesign (CS3) crashes while updating links. This happens almost every time and with more than 1-2 links to update, it’s really frustrating.
    I tried that Print-dialogue trick (, but it doesn’t help.
    So, if anyone has any other new tips that might work, please help!

    [TC: Anna, to solve the crashing problem, you need to install the 10.5.4 update for leopard. The Hide problem still persists, however, and Apple will need to address that in a future update.]

  7. Anna says:

    Hey Tim!
    Thanks for the advice.
    The version I have currently on my MacBook Pro is v. 10.5.4. Do you mean, there is an update for this? Is that the right thing to download?:

    [TC: 10.5.4 is the most current version of Leopard, and it fixes some bugs that caused crashes in InDesign dialog boxes that navigate your laptop’s file system. If you’re still crashing with 10.5.4, then there’s some other problem happening there, and I’d encourage you to contact tech support.]