InDesign & Leopard: Update VI

Upon further review, the people working on the Nav Svcs problem think that there may be something to the strategy of uninstalling Version Cue if you can.

Among the problems we’ve identified and reported to Apple is hanging behavior associated with Spotlight
while the system was sending off file system events in response to the contents of the hard disk begin updated.

This hang later seemed to lead to repeated crashes in the InDesign dialogs.

Uninstalling Version Cue would significantly cut down on the number of such system events being posted and therefore cause the environment to be more stable.

So, from our perspective then it appears worth a try for those of you experiencing the Nav Svcs crash problem on Leopard to unintsall Version Cue to see if it reduces or eliminates the crashing behavior in those dialogs. If it does, please let us know up here on this blog.