InDesign Certification Exam Revised and Updated

People seeking Adobe re-certification on InDesign raised some red flags regarding some of the certification test content. Adobe looked into the certification tests and agreed that the latest test had some problems. The InDesign test has now been reviewed, corrected, and re-written. The distribution of the new test raises a handful of questions that I’ll address here:

  1. What happens if a user took the previous re-certification exam – are they still certified?
    If an individual previously took and passed the InDesign certification or recertification exam, that certification is valid. If an individual failed the original InDesign certification or recertification exams, Adobe will give them a voucher to take the revised exams for free. Stay tuned for information on how to receive a voucher to re-take the exam.
  2. I was told earlier that the prep-guide for the new re-certification exam was posted on Feb 20 – is the prep guide currently on the site the most recent guide that corresponds to the changes in the new re-cert exam?
    Yes, we made revisions to the prep guide and have posted that on our certification Web site.
  3. What about localized versions of the updated re-cert exam — when will those be available?
    We’re working right now with company that writes and distributes the exams, and have not yet come to agreement on how and when revised, localized versions will be produced and distributed.
  4. Can you quickly summarize the changes to the re-certification exam?
    Of the original 47 questions we removed 16. Of the remaining 31 questions, we revised many, and totally rewrote others.
  5. Do you plan to make changes to the ID CS3 ACE exam (the certification exam – not the re-cert exam)
    Yes. The revised exam should be available shortly.
  6. Do you plan to make any changes to the re-certification exams for the other design applications?
    No announcements have been made about other exams. They will be evaluated on a product by product basis.

2 Responses to InDesign Certification Exam Revised and Updated

  1. forum says:

    very good thanks !

  2. Saulius Stonys says:

    Could anybody explain me how Adobe notifies ACE owners about new exams releases ? I have become ACE of Indesign CS2 past year and I was expected that Adobe will notify me when new exam will be released by email or by another ways. But I haven’t got any messages from Adobe. Maybe it is left for everybody personal care and I should check Adobe webpage more often.

    Second question is about that 90 days period to make recertification. When I recently discovered of new release of Indesign CS3 exam I thought I’m late, but I can order recertification exam at Prometric still now. So what an advantage have recertication exams on that 90 days period ? Maybe exams are for free ?

    Sorry for my English 🙂