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Adventures in GREP

InDesign expert Mike Witherell has a great little article on using GREP in InDesign CS3 on his website.

InDesign Certification Exam Update

I’ve been told that vouchers enabling persons to retake the revised InDesign CS3 Certifcation exam will be sent via email. If you took the original, problematic test already, keep and eye out for the voucher email in your inbox…

The Leopard Leap

I know I said otherwise earlier, but I changed my mind…I decided to test Leopard on an external backup version of my hard drive to see how well it played with InDesign. After several days of running InDesign without incident off the Leopard drive, I finally decided to upgrade my main machine to see how it went. So far so good…

Adobe TV Goes Live

Adobe TV has gone live with streaming video content about all your favorite Adobe applications and technologies. Look for myself and my colleague Rufus Deuchler in Caffé Fibonacci as we cover Creative Suite 3 tips, tricks and related subject matter.

PDF Print Engine: James Wamser

I was able to connect with Sells Printing‘s James Wamser, and I spoke with him about their Prinergy 4 system that includes an Adobe PDF Print Engine RIP. The PDF Print Engine rips PDF data, and removes the need to convert to PostScript at any point in the workflow. The primary benefits of an entirely PDF workflow are the preservation of live transparency (i.e., no flattening, no potential PostScript printing problems because of the translation of live transparency into the opaque, flat imageing model of PostScript), device independence (RGB to CMYK conversion, screening, etc. done at print time), support for ICC profiles, and speed (PDF Print Engine RIPs usually process complex jobs much faster than PostScript RIPs).

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Wanchai Computer Centre, Hong Kong

I’ve been to Hong Kong several times, but had never made the short trip to the Wanchai Computer Centre. It’s essentially a multi-floor shopping center quite literally crammed full of all manner of electronic, digital media and gagetry, as well as related products.

My new favorite deep discount camera shop there is a small little place called Concept Digital where I got good deals on some items I needed for my trusty Nikon D70. The management there was friendly and ready to make deals.

If you’re ever in Hong Kong, and you’re a complete computer/web/photo/gaming geek, you owe it to yourself to budget at least a couple hours and some cash for the vendors at Wanchai.