InDesign Certification Exam Update

I’ve been told that vouchers enabling persons to retake the revised InDesign CS3 Certifcation exam will be sent via email. If you took the original, problematic test already, keep and eye out for the voucher email in your inbox…

One Response to InDesign Certification Exam Update

  1. Canvai says:

    I got my voucher. Here’s my gripe about this whole thing.

    The notification for recertification was sent in January. Recertification rules say that you have 3 months to complete recertification before it expires, which puts us at the end of April.

    And in May, I got my email for the voucher. So either, a) I didn’t recertify and my original certification expired so the voucher is useless, or b), I recertied so the voucher is useless…


    [TC: You’re right…that doesn’t make any sense. I’ll check with the people that manage the certification program and get back to you.]

    [TC: Canvai, according to the management of the certification program:

    If you failed the exam, you can take it again for free. If you passed, you can use it for any other exam, including exams for future releases (i.e., for a CS4 release)

    So, if you’ve retaken the test already, you can still use the voucher. If you haven’t, then it sounds like we’re waving the 90-day requirement, because of the problems with the first version of the test. If you run into any problems, let me know and I’ll send it up to the people who can solve it for you.]