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Look Before You Leap

Before you jump on 10.5.3, check out some discussions on possible issues with saving images files to servers. There’s a thread at Apple’s site, and another at Apple Insider.

Leopard Alert: 10.5.3 contains first Nav Services fix

According to InDesign the InDesign QE team, and contrary to what I had heard up until very recently, the 10.5.3 update for Leopard includes Apple’s first step in addressing the Nav Services crashes in InDesign.

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Help Us Stop Stupid PDF Syndrome

Too many PDF files suffer from a permanently debilitating defect. Help Adobe stamp out Stupid PDF Syndrome.

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Phinney on Fonts

Adobe’s Tom Phinney has produced a very useful post on his blog describing the three main kinds of font conflicts encountered by InDesign. Highly recommended.