Leopard Alert: 10.5.3 contains first Nav Services fix

According to InDesign the InDesign QE team, and contrary to what I had heard up until very recently, the 10.5.3 update for Leopard includes Apple’s first step in addressing the Nav Services crashes in InDesign.

Important: there are a number of paths one can take to encounter the Nav Services crash problem, and 10.5.3 fixes one of those paths. This means that 10.5.3 is not a complete fix, but it might make the crashes less frequent for some users experiencing the problem.
This is great news as it’s also very welcome and tangible evidence that Apple and Adobe have been working together and are making progress in getting these issues addressed. The fixes for these issues are decidedly non-trivial for Apple, and it’s great to see first of them appear in 10.5.3.
In the meantime, InDesign QE has recommended a type of workaround that InDesign users have discovered and described in comments on this blog. This workaround applies only to crashes in InDesign’s relinking dialog box, and not other dialogs or scenarios where Bridge or Version Cue are involved.

The limited work-around:

For every new session of InDesign (session being: every time the Application gets shut-down/relaunched):

  • Before opening an existing document, open a new document (initializing the open/new dialog for the app)
  • Invoke the place dialog (initializing this dialog with no contents to resolve), then cancel out of it
  • Then you should be able to open an existing document and fix up links as necessary.

7 Responses to Leopard Alert: 10.5.3 contains first Nav Services fix

  1. Malik says:

    Crashes on me the same. The place dialog itself kills ID.

    [TC: thanks for the info, Malik. As stated, the fix from Apple only addresses one possible path for the Nav Services crash, and the workaround only applies to the relink dialog box crashes. Please continue to submit crash logs to us from 10.5.3 so that we can both verify that the Apple fix is working where it’s supposed to work, as well as verify the scenarios where it’s not going to work.]

  2. ben Frey says:

    I am still crashing when I use Spotlight in a Place dialog box, too. Now it is giving me Apple crash reporter instead of Adobe…hasn’t happened enough yet to know if it will always be Apple crash reporter.

    [TC: Ben, I know for a fact that the Spotlight and Place dialog issues aren’t addressed, along with the Bridge and Version Cue incidents. As stated in earlier posts, these aren’t trivial fixes for Apple, and some of them are taking time to investigate, fix and test. Rather than making us wait until they’re all done, Apple is rolling them out as they’re finished. The other fixes are definitely in process.]

  3. Jason Broccardo says:

    I don’t want to hijack a comment thread here, but commenting has not been turned on for the “Look Before You Leap” post. A short post like that might be appropriate for many sites, but for a semi-official Adobe site, I would hope for something a little more substantial. Does Adobe have an idea of what’s at fault here? Is this something Apple will have to address? Adobe? Even a simple “We are aware of the issue and working on it right now” would be helpful as it gives users and admins an idea of updaters to plan for.


    [TC: Thanks, Jason for alerting me…my mistake. I’ll have the commenting turned on momentarily.]

  4. DrWatson says:

    Could it be that things got worse again with QuickTime 7.5, which Apple released after WWDC keynote? Ever since almost _every_ dialog (save, open, place) causes a crash (or, right now while writing this, an everlasting beachball – trying to save a ps-file). I’m not using spotlight in these dialogs, most of the time I don’t even get to see the dialog, ID crashes right after hitting “save” or whatever. This is on a G5 PowerMac, things worked relatively fine for quite a time now, that’s why I thought of QuickTime 7.5 being the one to blame (it’s the only thing that has changed on the machine recently). If you meet an Apple engineer anytime soon, please hit him on the head on my behalf 😉

  5. Peter Schrock says:

    Any news on this problem? I have had to delay work on a huge project because I can’t get my InDesign to stop crashing when I try to open the “Place” dialog. This is killing me… Can’t seem to find anyone who really knows anything.

    [TC: Peter, there are definitely people that know things, but there aren’t any announcements yet. Suffice it to say that Apple has been working hard on this problem, and will release a fix as soon as it’s ready. I’m sorry I can’t tell you more than that at this time, but you can be confident that a fix is coming. I know that’s cold comfort when you’ve got work in a holding pattern because your system is suffering from this problem. The 10.5.3 update fixed crashing problems associated with Spotlight. Those crashes made up about 10% of the InDesign crash logs submitted to Adobe. When Apple releases fixes for the other types of Nav Services crashes, it’s very likely that your issues with the Place dialog will go away. As soon as there’s information that I’m allowed to make public, I will post it here.]

  6. DrWatson says:

    Did I say things got worse with QuickTime 7.5? Well, this might have been a coincidence, as for the last two weeks, InDesign behaves almost like “in the good ol’ days” on the very same machine. Nothing changed software- or hardwarewise. The only thing I do is a “workaround ” (call it voodoo, it’s 110% pure voodoo) I read here in the comments on a previous post: In the morning, I start up InDesign, create a new document, save it to the desktop, keep this document open. That’s it. I can now open existing documents by using the “Open”-dialogue or by dragging them on the InDesign-icon in the Dock (which otherwise was a 75%-chance to kill InDesign), I can save and print docs and place or replace images and so on and so forth. The only two things that remain:
    – “hide bug” (which is acceptable)
    – InDesign crashes 4 out of 5 times when quitting the application

    Maybe this little voodoo thingie works for others as well.

  7. Annette says:

    I am not sure if this is the place to ask this but I am unable to open any documents on my apple with Leopard 10.5.3 and have an extra Powerpoint software which has a few other programs.

    I googled open documents for Leopard 10.5.3 and this blog came up several times.

    Some people say there is a free version to be able to open documents without having to purchase Office 2008 for $350 for Mac. I have everything but Word it appears.

    Thank you,

    [TC: Hi Annette. After reading this I’m not exactly sure what the problem is. Are you having a problem opening Office documents? If so, you need to get support from Microsoft.]