Leopard Alert: 10.5.3 contains first Nav Services fix

According to InDesign the InDesign QE team, and contrary to what I had heard up until very recently, the 10.5.3 update for Leopard includes Apple’s first step in addressing the Nav Services crashes in InDesign.

Important: there are a number of paths one can take to encounter the Nav Services crash problem, and 10.5.3 fixes one of those paths. This means that 10.5.3 is not a complete fix, but it might make the crashes less frequent for some users experiencing the problem.
This is great news as it’s also very welcome and tangible evidence that Apple and Adobe have been working together and are making progress in getting these issues addressed. The fixes for these issues are decidedly non-trivial for Apple, and it’s great to see first of them appear in 10.5.3.
In the meantime, InDesign QE has recommended a type of workaround that InDesign users have discovered and described in comments on this blog. This workaround applies only to crashes in InDesign’s relinking dialog box, and not other dialogs or scenarios where Bridge or Version Cue are involved.

The limited work-around:

For every new session of InDesign (session being: every time the Application gets shut-down/relaunched):

  • Before opening an existing document, open a new document (initializing the open/new dialog for the app)
  • Invoke the place dialog (initializing this dialog with no contents to resolve), then cancel out of it
  • Then you should be able to open an existing document and fix up links as necessary.