Look Before You Leap

Before you jump on 10.5.3, check out some discussions on possible issues with saving images files to servers. There’s a thread at Apple’s site, and another at Apple Insider.

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  1. Jason Broccardo says:

    A short post like that might be appropriate for many sites, but for a semi-official Adobe site, I would hope for something a little more substantial. Does Adobe have an idea of what’s at fault here? Is this something Apple will have to address? Adobe? Even a simple “We are aware of the issue and working on it right now” would be helpful as it gives users and admins an idea of updaters to plan for.


    [TC: Jason, the reason for the brevity of the post is that at this moment it’s too early definitively state what the root cause of the problem is. I posted the alert when I did simply because a lot of InDesign and CS users will be inclined to jump right on to 10.5.3 in the hope of getting some of their other Leopard issues resolved. I decided to make the cautionary post first, and then look into what we’re doing in light of the reports we’re getting. That’s the beauty of the web…I can blog before I know what I’m talking about… ;^)

    We are in the process of investigating the problem, and have been able to reliably reproduce it. We’ve observed a couple of interesting things already, but further investigation is necessary before we know enough about what’s going on to make any definitive public statement. I’m sure we’ll be working in concert with Apple on this.]

  2. Jason Broccardo says:


    I did some testing here at work.

    OS: Mac OS X 10.5.3
    Photoshop: CS3 version 10.0.1
    Test machine: iMac Core 2 Duo

    Patch Detail: Mac OS has all patches and updates applied. Only Adobe update not applied is CameraRAW 4.4.1 update.

    – Mac OS X Server 10.4.11 with AFP file service enabled. Connect to server via AFP. Server has all patches except for recent 2008-003PPC update.
    – Windows Server 2003 running ExtremeZ-IP 5.x AFP file service. Connect to server via AFP. Server patch status unknown at this time.
    – Windows Server 2003 SMB/CIFS file service. Connect to server via SMB. Server patch status unknown at this time.

    Test Files:
    – 8-bit RGB single layer TIFF file
    – 8-bit RGB single layer Photoshop file
    – 8-bit RGB single layer EPS file

    Test Process:
    Open each file in Photoshop. Rotate background layer of each file 180°, and then save file. Close and reopen each file. Create Solid Color adjustment layer. Set Solid Color layer to multiply blend mode and set opacity to value below 40%. Save and close each file*. Reopen each file and rotate image 90°. Save and close each file. Attempt to reopen file.

    * for EPS file, merge all layers as EPS can not be saved with layers

    Test Results:

    Files on Local Machine: no problems. Able to make changes and successfully save and open file multiple times.

    Files on Mac OS X AFP share: Files are corrupted after last image rotation step. Photoshop gives error: “Could not complete your request because it is not a valid Photoshop document.” Additionally preview graphics for files are corrupted.

    Files on Windows 2k3 ExtremeZ-IP AFP Share: PSD and EPS are corrupted. TIFF file does can successfully be altered, opened and saved.

    Files on Windows 2k3 SMB Share: After last rotation and save step, Photoshop throws error: “Could not save [file name] because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered”. After clicking “OK” in error dialog box to make it go away and close file without saving, file is missing in Finder as if it has been automatically deleted from share.


    [TC: Thanks Jason. If anyone else out there is doing similar tests, please pass the results on to me here or report them on Adobe’s web site. We’re doing similar testing here.]

  3. Jason Broccardo says:

    Not an exact test, as the capabilities of the two applications differ, but I was able to successfully rotate and manipulate the colors on the TIFF and PSD files on a Mac OS X Server machine connected over AFP with Preview.app. Similar, but not the same as Photoshop as Preview does not allow for layers, but it is a like form of image file manipulation over the wire.


    [TC: Jason, are you able to compare AFP with SMB at your site?]

  4. Kevin Neal says:

    10 out of 10 to Adobe for acknowledging the problem, far more than apple are ever likely to do.

    But 0 out of 10 for your support staff constantly saying Adobe doesn’t support working on a server, I’m sorry but this is the way a huge percentage of your customers need to work. It’s impractical to work any other way, especially in a Network Home Directory environment, what are these users meant to do now?

    [TC: If someone said we don’t support it they’re mistaken, and apologies for sending that message. We do support it, however with cautions and caveats. Check here for Photoshop product manager John Nack’s comments on the issue.]

  5. Scott says:

    Has this problem been addressed yet? I have 6 machines writing to the network and only one is having issues.

    [TC: Yes, fixed in 10.5.4. See:


    I’d recommend updating.]

  6. Ben says:

    Hi, is this bug related to a problem we are having? We are using CS3 on 10.5.5 and all the latest patches. Sometimes, with some PSDs, there are strange errors when saving to the server. Sometimes it is “could not save [filename] because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered”, sometimes “could not save [filename] because of a disk error”. I even saved to a different filename and it eternally thinks the non-existent file has been updated.

    It seems Photoshop deletes the PSD before saving but then something gets confused so it doesn’t get saved. Saving locally seems to work.

    We have had a similar issue with Flash too! I’ve been Googling all morning but haven’t found a solution.

    [TC: Ben, double check the OS versions on all the computers involved. OS X 10.5.3 had a problem saving files over a network, and the problem was most often experienced when saving from Photoshop. John Nack commented on it here: http://blogs.adobe.com/jnack/2008/06/filesaving_issu.html. The problem was fixed in 10.5.4. That’s the only thing that comes to mind when I read your comment.]