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InDesign & Leopard: 10.5.4 Nav Services Fix!

Apple’s 10.5.4 update contains more fixes for the Nav Services crash problem that manifests itself most frequently in InDesign. It also contains a fix for the file corruption problem that occurs when saving files to a remote server.

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New Zealand Transparency Tip

I was just in Auckland, New Zealand, for the InDesign Conference put on there by Mogo Media. David Blatner, Sandee Cohen, Mike McHugh, Michael Stoddart and myself had the privilege of participating in the three days worth of sessions on using InDesign and Creative Suite. Big kudos to Mogo and Martinho da Gloria for putting the event together. It was moko-riffic, and I learned what “jafa” means while I was there. Thank you Fraser.

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Selection to PDF Script

Publishing consultant Martinho Da Gloria (creator of the wonderfully useful Layout Zone script add-on for InDesign) has made another free script available for InDesign users: SelectionToPDF. As the name would lead one to believe, the script enables you to select one or more object in InDesign, and export just that selection to a PDF file, not the whole page on which it lives. Cari Jansen has a good blog post on the script with step-by-step instructions and screen shots.

Update on file saving issue with 10.5.3

John Nack has posted the latest information on the file saving issue in 10.5.3. You can find it here.