InDesign & Leopard: 10.5.4 Nav Services Fix!

Apple’s 10.5.4 update contains more fixes for the Nav Services crash problem that manifests itself most frequently in InDesign. It also contains a fix for the file corruption problem that occurs when saving files to a remote server.

The 10.5.3 update addressed Nav Services crashes associated with Spotlight, and 10.5.4 update contains a fix for more complex crashing scenarios that actually involve multiple OS libraries. Kudos to Apple for delivering this more ambitious fix. They’ve worked hard on getting it tested and out the door.

The 10.5.4 update appears to repair all of the Nav Services crashes that Adobe had been able to reproduce in it’s testing labs. In our internal testing with 10.5.4 we have yet to be able to reproduce the Nav Services crashes that we were able to reproduce with 10.5.3, so we believe that this update should eliminate the most commonly occuring crash problems associated with Leopard.

It’s possible that there might be other related issues that have yet to be identified.

If you continue to experience issues associated with Nav Services after installing Leopard v10.5.4, please continue to send us crash logs. Adobe also recommends the following workaround:

  • Before opening an existing document, open a new document (initializing the open/new dialog for the app)
  • Invoke the Place dialog (initializing this dialog with no contents to resolve), then cancel out of it

At this time there is still no fix for the cmd+h keyboard shortcut issue. In the interim, a limited workaround has been identified:

  • Shut-down InDesign, then restart. CMD+H should work until the OS is re-booted.