InDesign & Leopard: 10.5.4 Nav Services Fix!

Apple’s 10.5.4 update contains more fixes for the Nav Services crash problem that manifests itself most frequently in InDesign. It also contains a fix for the file corruption problem that occurs when saving files to a remote server.

The 10.5.3 update addressed Nav Services crashes associated with Spotlight, and 10.5.4 update contains a fix for more complex crashing scenarios that actually involve multiple OS libraries. Kudos to Apple for delivering this more ambitious fix. They’ve worked hard on getting it tested and out the door.

The 10.5.4 update appears to repair all of the Nav Services crashes that Adobe had been able to reproduce in it’s testing labs. In our internal testing with 10.5.4 we have yet to be able to reproduce the Nav Services crashes that we were able to reproduce with 10.5.3, so we believe that this update should eliminate the most commonly occuring crash problems associated with Leopard.

It’s possible that there might be other related issues that have yet to be identified.

If you continue to experience issues associated with Nav Services after installing Leopard v10.5.4, please continue to send us crash logs. Adobe also recommends the following workaround:

  • Before opening an existing document, open a new document (initializing the open/new dialog for the app)
  • Invoke the Place dialog (initializing this dialog with no contents to resolve), then cancel out of it

At this time there is still no fix for the cmd+h keyboard shortcut issue. In the interim, a limited workaround has been identified:

  • Shut-down InDesign, then restart. CMD+H should work until the OS is re-booted.

12 Responses to InDesign & Leopard: 10.5.4 Nav Services Fix!

  1. Malik says:

    Installed 10.5.4
    Opened ID CS3.
    Opened document
    Pressed -Shift-S

    ID crashed.

    Opened new doc, -D, -.
    ID crashed.

    So far for bugfixing.

  2. Malik says:

    (sorry for doublepost, website didn’t react for a minute or so).

    No, but I’d love to. How do I do that?

    [TC: The reason for the delay is that I have to manually publish the comments. If they were posted automatically there’d be spam everywhere. If InDesign crashes, you should get an alert box that gives you the opportunity to submit a crash log to us via your internet connection. Try trashing your InDesign preferences by holding down cmd+option+ctrl+shift immediately after you launch InDesign. If you still crash after doing that, then we need to get your crash logs to try to isolate your problem. We don’t crash using those commands in our testing, so we need to see what’s different about your system environment if you’re still crashing.]

  3. Forrest says:

    Installed 10.5.4 combo updater (had 10.5.3)
    Opened ID CS3
    Opened existing document
    Hit +shift+s

    No crash.

    Repeated with +d, used other documents… still no crash. More stable than 10.5.3 was for me.

    Of course, the pallets still often turn to dark grey and missing content when switching spaces. Over eight months after 10.5 was released and it still doesn’t work right with many CS3 apps. 🙁

  4. The crashing seems to be gone, good! Now all I need is my Tab-palette back. Any idea where to look?

  5. Craig Collins says:

    Unmentioned in this thread is the other odd CS3/10.5 issue that affect me on my dual-monitor setups; for reasons unknown all the palettes that I keep in my 2nd monitor will revert to the edge of the primary (menu bar) monitor when switching back to ID. This also affects Pshop. I’ll be anxiously awaiting results on 10.5.4 with this annoyance. Do you know anything about this issue?

  6. Lauren says:

    Our department installed the updates right after they were released. We were all experiencing problems with saving to our image server (“…Not a valid Photoshop document…” etc.) before the updates, but now everything is working smoothly and problems seem to be fixed! No more ID crashing either. Very helpful, thank you!

    [TC: Thanks to Apple for getting it fixed.]

  7. Craig Collins says:

    Tim suggested saving the ID workspace to keep the palettes from jumping back to default positions from secondary monitor. Thanks, and that helps much …yet the behavior still happens, with simple cmd-tab app switching. Then I have to invoke the workspace to restore palette position, which is OK…but it’s pretty clear this is an app bug and it would be nice if Adobe would address this issue…

  8. Gary Vosper says:

    My abundant problems with the navsvcs issues disappeared entirely when I migrated from a PowerMac G5 (dual 2GHz cpu) to a MacPro (dual 3 GHz/dual core). Same OS (10.5.3) and same suite (CS3). InDesign hasn’t crashed or frozen up once since the new system (approximately 60 days). Illustrator has run perfectly, as well. Don’t know why, but I’m not complaining.

    [TC: Gary, based on the crash logs submitted by CS3 users, we’ve seen that the Nav Services crash has been a lot more common on PPC machines than on Intel ones…so that’s probably the explanation for the different experience.]

  9. Dave Story says:

    And we analyze the crashlogs carefully. We immediately saw statistical evidence that users were having fewer of these crashes with 10.5.4 … the crashes in this area of the OS services just went away.

    So do please upgrade to 10.5.4 if you are on 10.5.3, and thanks to Apple for fixing this issue in the OS.

    Dave Story
    Adobe Systems

  10. Mike says:

    Oh well, CS4 and 10.6 will be fun. We already decided not to update, saves money in more than one way!

  11. Michael R says:

    Even after 10.5.5 my PPC machine cannot launch ID CS3.

    [TC: Michael, if you can’t launch, contact Adobe Technical Support (800-642-3623). That’s treated as an installation problem, support for which is free of charge.]

  12. Angela says:

    Try uninstalling any old Microsoft Office programs. I was having trouble with InDesign and Illustrator CS3 on Leopard until I uninstalled MS Office 2004 and deleted the associated fonts. Now they both sing like birds…