10.5.4: So Far So Good. BUT…

Based on what we’re seeing in our incoming crash logs, it appears that 10.5.4 has solved the NavServices crash problems.

We’re also noticing, however, that some users are still hitting a problem that was introduced by a VersionCue 3.1 update last year. For a subset of users, the update did not install the VersionCueUI framework. As a result, when invoking a NavServices dialog (i.e., place, relink, save as, etc.), they will crash–not because of a Leopard problem, but because their VersionCueUI framework was not updated.

This problem affects a relatively small percentage of users, but we’ve received crash logs from users on 10.5.4 that are experincing this crash.

If you’ve installed 10.5.4 and are still experiencing a crash when invoking the Place or other system navigation dialogs, then please review the information below.

We’ve had a Knowledge Base article on this VersionCue updater issue late 2007. We have sent the email below to users that have sent us crash logs in the past couple months:

You’ve recently submitted an InDesign crashlog for a crash you hit when attempting to open one of the system file dialogs (Open, Place, Save As, Export, or Relink). The cause of this crash is a failed installation of a VersionCue update. Here is a link to an Adobe support webpage that will give you some more detail and a solution:

If you area also running MacOS 10.5 (aka Leopard), I highly recommend that you get Apple’s latest update, 10.5.4, which was posted yesterday. To get this, choose “Software Update…” under your Apple menu. This latest update fixes another common case of InDesign unexpectedly quitting when attempting to access these dialogs in Leopard.

Finally, earlier today, Adobe posted an update to InDesign CS3, version 5.0.3, which fixes several critical bugs in other areas of the product. To get this update, choose “Updates…” under the Help menu in InDesign CS3. Alternatively, you can download the 5.0.3 updater from: http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/detail.jsp?ftpID=3961

Thank you for submitting crashlogs. Although we cannot respond to every submission, we review them regularly and work to address the most serious issues.

11 Responses to 10.5.4: So Far So Good. BUT…

  1. David Broudy says:

    Does 10.5.3/4 have any effect on (bad) behavior of IDCS3 with Spaces?

    [TC: No, sadly not. Those issues have not yet been addressed by Apple, and as a consequence Adobe have stated that CS3 doesn’t officially support Spaces.]

  2. Gailon Morisette says:

    Since installing the Leopard 10.5.4 Apple update, I’m having problems with colors in InDesign 5.0.2. Certain colors look right on the screen but print to black on our Ikon 550 printer. Doesn’t seem to be an Ikon problem. I have printed the same file from a computer with Tiger and it prints fine. Is there a problem with the 10.5.4 update relating to InDesign color?

  3. Kai says:

    hi there,
    I am suffering since leopard from the nav services problem. the worst of all is indesign. I am always up to date with my updates and 10.5.4 even made indesign hide more often. it so bad, I can’t really work with indesign. adobe support is absolutely useless. so many hours of phone calls and writing emails. nothing from them. extremely annoying!!!
    you say the problem was fixed with 10.5.4 – not with my system sorry.
    do you have any suggestions?
    thanks a lot!!! kai.

    [TC: Sorry to hear you’re having problems, Kai. First, the Nav Services crashing problems have–from what we see in the crash logs that get submitted–been successfully fixed by Apple in 10.5.4. Are you still getting crashes accessing system navigation dialog boxes?

    The Hide problems are yet to be addressed by Apple, but are in process. I experience it only very occasionally on 10.5.4…but of course whenever I do it’s really annoying.

    If you’re still experiencing the dialog box crashing behavior, please send me more details and I’ll see if I can get you some help.]

  4. Kai says:

    hi tim,
    thanks for your quick answers!
    I was not aware that there are 2 problems around 😉
    I suffer only from the hide problem. a lot!!! I don’t experience the crashes at all.
    good to hear that somebody (apple) is working on this problem. indesign is almos unusable for me. and adobe knows this problem and still says cs3 is compatible with 10.5.x. I know a lot of designers which are not upgrading from tiger because of problems with cs3 an leopard.
    thanks again- kai.

    [TC: Kai, glad to hear you’re not getting the Nav Services crashes. Try quitting InDesign and re-starting again. For many users this reduces the incidence of the Hide problem.]

  5. Kai says:

    yes. I always start indesign twice before I start working. but it does improve just a little. only one thing seems to be reproducable: opening indesign after a fresh restart of the computer and wait. wait for at least 1h and don’t use indesign. then double clicking (this also needs to be avoided in general) on any indesign file will promptly hide indesign on my system. this is very reproducable.
    do you know if this might be fixed in the soon upcoming 10.5.5?

    [TC: No official word yet on when this is going to be addressed. As soon as I learn something that I can share publicly, you’ll see it on this blog.]

  6. Ian Sterling says:

    I wasn’t having the NavServices issue with 10.5.4, however, 10.5.5 appears to have brought the issue back into play. Can anyone else confirm that this issue is back? I’ve had the “place” command crash on both an MBP (fully updated) and an iMac mid-2007. Both running all patches, both have had the FixVCUIFramework.app patch applied and both still crashing.

    Now the workaround for placing in a new document doesn’t even work.

    Can anyone else comment on 10.5.5?


    [TC: Ian, for what it’s worth, we’re not seeing Nav Services crashes in our crash logs from 10.5.5. It’s more than likely that the problem lies elsewhere.]

  7. Malik Aziz says:

    Uh oh, 10.5.5 – look at this:


  8. GT says:

    hi there,

    I can confirm that 10.5.5 is worse than 10.5.4. Before ID crashed 1-2 times a week, now it’s 4-5 times a day. I also always start ID twice (make the save as PDF routine) but it doesn’t matter. Opening files form ID leads to crashes too – have to open them from the Finder. Even Photoshop crashes more often. I think font-caches get courrpted because after I delete my font-caches with FontNuke it works again for a few days.

    Thanks and regards,

  9. Michael says:

    Installed 10.5.5 But still cannot open IDCS3 on a G5 PPC. I have submitted numerous crash logs and have followed all the suggestions on this page.

    Really need to get past this roadblock.

    [TC: Michael, you shouldn’t be having this problem. Call 800-642-3623 to contact Tech Support. If you can’t launch, then it’s treated as an installation issue, and you’ll get free support.]

  10. kai says:

    for a while indesign behaved finally normal after installing 10.5.5.
    today it started hiding from me again :(((
    when will this problem finally be fixed? apple does not seem to care and adobe blames apple. this is ridiculous!
    completely disillusioned – kai.

    [TC: Kai, Apple has been working on this and the fix will be rolled into a future dot release.]

  11. inx says:


    if this is an Apple related problem, then why do the CS4 apps work with Leopard? Or don’t they?

    – i

    [TC: There have been a handfull of issues with Leopard, most of which Apple has addressed. There’s still an issue with the Hide command that we’re hoping Apple addresses soon. CS4 apps work on Leopard.]