Challenged By Folding?

Have you ever had to design a brochure or other marketing document, and then been tormented by the task of setting up your document correctly to account for the folding required to complete the piece?

There’s a new product available now from FoldRite that’s designed to take the worry and hassle out of setting up different types of folded documents in InDesign. I played with it a bit the other day, and I found it to be both a valuable and easy to use utility. If you create folded printed pieces, you’ll definitely want to have a look at this one, because it just might eliminate a lot of headaches for you.

Both the web and plug-in versions of the FoldRite utility have essentially the same user interface.

The product is available in two forms, a plug-in utility (available at a discounted price of $299 until July 31st), or as a hosted online service where you can construct and download a template for $9.99.

You can find an animated online demo here that shows you how the interface works.

You use the animated interface to select and (if necessary) modify the settings to create the template you need. FoldRite creates new InDesign file that contains the rules and marks required to construct your job.

The finished product is an InDesign template that’s ready-made with the required fold guides and markings necessary for printing and folding your document.

One of the very cool features of the plug-in version is its ability to "update" (remodel, really) an existing document. Suppose you’re half-way thru a project that you’re not sure you’ve set up correctly. You can run the FoldRite plug-in on an already existing InDesign document to get the correct setup applied to your file.