Useful Flash Extension

Ajar Productions has produced a free extension for Flash that combines multiple selected text frames into one text frame for easier editing.

This extension will definitely be of interest to InDesign CS4 users who plan to migrate layouts from InDesign into Flash via InDesign’s XFL export feature. Text frames from InDesign will usually get converted to single line text frames in order preserve InDesign line breaks. This is great if you don’t plan on doing significant revisions to the text content once it’s been imported into Flash, but not great if do. This free extension–voted “most useful” at the Flash Camp Hackathon–will be a God-send to those of you planning on using the InDesign to Flash workflow in CS4.

3 Responses to Useful Flash Extension

  1. Peter says:

    Too bad it’s for Flash only, it would obviously be fantastic to have a script like that for InDesign itself. I can’t tell you how often I have to break stuff into individual frames or combine it back by manually creating/deleting frames and cutting & pasting text. Matching up the positions and line spacing afterwards just to arrive at the point where I used to be visually can really slow work down and is something InDesign could easily do for me.

    [TC: Peter, have you posted this on the InDesign Scripting forum on the Adobe website?]

  2. FYI, just posted a similar extension for Illustrator as well:

    If I get enough requests, and there isn’t already one in existence, I could put together one for InDesign as well.

    [TC: Justin, I’m sure if you polled people on the Adobe Forums and on the Blue World InDesign list you’d get good feel for whether there’s a demand.]