Kuala Lumpur

We had a full house in KL, and a very responsive crowd. It’s a pleasure to be able to present to groups like we had there.

The stage in KL was fun, because we were able to come and go through doors behind the presenter’s table. This enabled Karl and I to assist Paul whenever we felt that interest in his demo was flagging. As everyone there in attendance will attest, Paul is rather shy and a bit of a wallflower.

Several people in KL walked away with fabulous lucky draw prizes, including one very lucky individual who won a Master Collection.

Did I mention we had a great time with our friends in KL? We truly did, and we’re very appreciative of the work that went into organizing the event. Best KL audience ever for me. I’m looking forward to the next time.

After the event we made our way over to Alor Street in KL for some fine dining at a local street eatery.

One Response to Kuala Lumpur

  1. melorna says:

    Thank u for coming to KL… It’s really awesome launching… and thanks for some useful tips… hope to see you again in the next official launching of newer version of CS…