We finished our Asian CS4 launch tour in Singapore. Thanks to everyone who turned out. Paul, Karl and I had the privilege of showing much of what’s new in the CS4 Design, Web, and Production suites.


We saw many old friends in Singapore and made some new ones. It was great to see the local Adobe User Group represented, as well as a lot of other people I met for the first time.

Special thanks to the event crew we had in Singapore and KL. You guys were great to work with, and everything went off without problems (either that or you hid them very well ;^). Your work was much appreciated.

The Singapore event was unique in that it was the only event that involved costume changes. In Paul’s case it was onstage. Paul was given a special gift by event organizer Mongchee, and it added a touch of class and theatricality to Paul’s web session.

I expect that more photos of the event will emerge that will prove embarrassing to all of us.

In Singapore I was able to show something new (and hidden) that got the Tamil speakers in the audience a little excited.

Finally, I wanted to say a special "thank you" to the person who gave me a very thoughtful gift. At first I thought it was something arranged by the local Singapore team, but later I learned that this was not the case, and that it was from someone who attended the event. I tried to locate this person later in the day to express my appreciation, but it appeared that they had already left the building. So, if the person in question is reading this blog, please accept my apology for not thanking you adequately at the time, and don’t hesitate to identify yourself so that I can make up for my mistake.

My final event for this trip to Asia will be a presentation at the Fuji/Xerox Platinum Partner event in Macao on the 24th. Meanwhile, Michael Stoddart and Company will be doing CS4 launch events in Beijing and Seoul.