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My Favorite New Photoshop Feature

I’m finding that the new Photoshop CS4 feature that I’m using the most is the shortcut for modifying brush size and brush hardness. I like it better than using other methods, because it’s fast and gives you a nice visual indicator of both size and hardness.

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The Second Most Important New Feature

Also new in InDesign CS4 is a completely re-written and re-architected Links feature. Some of the changes are obvious when you see the new look Links panel the first time you open it in CS4.

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Update on file saving issue with 10.5.3

John Nack has posted the latest information on the file saving issue in 10.5.3. You can find it here.

InDesign Certification Exam Update

I’ve been told that vouchers enabling persons to retake the revised InDesign CS3 Certifcation exam will be sent via email. If you took the original, problematic test already, keep and eye out for the voucher email in your inbox…

Wanchai Computer Centre, Hong Kong

I’ve been to Hong Kong several times, but had never made the short trip to the Wanchai Computer Centre. It’s essentially a multi-floor shopping center quite literally crammed full of all manner of electronic, digital media and gagetry, as well as related products.

My new favorite deep discount camera shop there is a small little place called Concept Digital where I got good deals on some items I needed for my trusty Nikon D70. The management there was friendly and ready to make deals.

If you’re ever in Hong Kong, and you’re a complete computer/web/photo/gaming geek, you owe it to yourself to budget at least a couple hours and some cash for the vendors at Wanchai.

InDesign Certification Exam Revised and Updated

People seeking Adobe re-certification on InDesign raised some red flags regarding some of the certification test content. Adobe looked into the certification tests and agreed that the latest test had some problems. The InDesign test has now been reviewed, corrected, and re-written. The distribution of the new test raises a handful of questions that I’ll address here:

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InDesign & Leopard: Update IV

I’ve been keeping tabs with engineering regarding reported issues with InDesign on Leopard, and here’s current situation:

  1. There’s a problem hiding InDesign or other applications.
  2. There’s an intermitent problem copying and pasting vectors out of InDesign CS3 and into Illustrator CS3.
  3. The most serious issue is the Nav Svcs problem that can cause a crash when interacting with the file system via InDesign CS3’s Place, Export, Save, re-Linking etc. dialog boxes. This problem occurs far more often on PPC machines running Leopard. Some users experiencing these crashes have reported that trashing their InDesign Preferences temorarily removes the problem for them. Our testing has not confirmed that.

There is also a known problem using PDF printer from InDesign CS3, but that’s an Acrobat compatibility problem. That issue should be addressed when an update to Acrobat 8 is released.

In the case of items 1 thru 3 above, we have been pursuing these issues with Apple and are having to wait on their engineering teams for information on the source of the problems and the ways they can be fixed. We are not able to debug Apple’s system code to diagnose the source of these problems, so we have no choice but to wait for them to do the work on their end and let us know what they find.

InDesign, InCopy and Leopard

Adobe has released a FAQ regarding Creative Suite compatability with OSX Leopard. The good news for InDesign CS3 users is that InDesign CS3 will not require an update to run without problems on Leopard, and neither will InCopy CS3. According to the FAQ document the following applications will require compatibility updates:

Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional and our professional video applications, including Adobe Premiere Pro CS3, After Effects CS3 Professional, Encore CS3, and Soundbooth CS3. We expect to publish free Leopard compatibility updates for the video applications in December 2007 and for Acrobat 8 Professional and Adobe Reader 8 in January 2008.

The FAQ contains an excellent table that explains compatiblity of the various Adobe applications with Leopard.

InDesign CS2 and InCopy CS2 were not designed and tested for Leopard, and the official Adobe statement is that trying to run those versions on Leopard will likely result in “issues for which there is no resolution.”

Thumbnail Icons?

InDesign Secrets received a great question from a user in Geneva, Switzerland:

I’m sure you’ve replied to this question a hundred times.
Do you know a way to make InDesign CS3 files show a preview icon instead of the generic InDesign file icon? Wasn’t this possible in previous versions? I’ve been googling around with no success.

You can see this kind of preview in Bridge if you have set InDesign’s preferences to include a thumbnail image in the document’s metadata. It would be possible to see a thumbnail in InDesign’s Open dialog if we grabbed that thumbnail in the metadata as well, but at the moment we’re not doing that and Bridge is your best alternative.

Getting a thumbnail in the Finder or explorer is a more complicated proposition, and right now it’s not supported. The Mac and Windows operating systems have different methods of enabling this type of thumbnail, and in the case of the Mac OS, this support has been inconsistent from version to version so it hasn’t been pursued.

Transformation Tips

David Blatner has posted a nice summary of the way transformations work in InDesign CS3. The transformation code was rennovated for CS3, and InDesign product manager Mike Ninness sent David a summary of how the new version works.

One minor addition to the tips mentioned there: in addition to being able to select all the points on a frame path with the direct select took by clicking on center handle, you can do the same thing by option/alt + clicking on any point on the frame path.