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File Names and Multi-Place

Mutiple Place is a great feature that arrived in InDesign CS3. It enables you to import multiple files at one time, loading them all into your Place cursor, and enabling you to move through all the loaded files with the arrow keys in order to select the next file to be placed.

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Layout Zones 1.0b14 Now Available

Martinho da Gloria of Automatication has updated the Layout Zones script to fix a font problem and a menu location issue on Windows. You an get the latest version at InDesign Secrets.

Layout Zones How-To

Installing the Layout Zone script:

  • Unzip the script and put the Layout Zones folder in the root level of InDesign’s Scripts folder.

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Cool (free!) Layout Zones Script

Today Martinho da Gloria of Automatication is releasing the first version of a script that enables a use to select InDesign page elements and convert them to a placed InDesign file automatically.

The script enables a workflow in which different InDesign users can work on different sections of the same page simultaneously.

In addition, the script also enables the user to convert the placed InDesign file back to native objects…in other words, it enables you to "round trip" the page elements into a placed InDesign file and back to native elements again.

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Why Only Align First Line?

As an addendum to the anchored frame tip, I also wanted to point out the usefulness of another under-used InDesign feature, Only Align First Line to Grid.

As the name implies, it’s meant for those of use who are not gridphobic, and who want some flexibility in how our paragraphs work with a document grid.

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Anchored Frames Productivity Shortcut

InDesign’s anchored frames feature is a life-saver for certain types of publishing jobs. If you’re in a situation where you’re creating the same type of anchored frame over and over again, then here’s a tip that might help your work go much faster and save a lot of production time.

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