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10.5.4: So Far So Good. BUT…

Based on what we’re seeing in our incoming crash logs, it appears that 10.5.4 has solved the NavServices crash problems.

We’re also noticing, however, that some users are still hitting a problem that was introduced by a VersionCue 3.1 update last year. For a subset of users, the update did not install the VersionCueUI framework. As a result, when invoking a NavServices dialog (i.e., place, relink, save as, etc.), they will crash–not because of a Leopard problem, but because their VersionCueUI framework was not updated.

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InDesign & Leopard: 10.5.4 Nav Services Fix!

Apple’s 10.5.4 update contains more fixes for the Nav Services crash problem that manifests itself most frequently in InDesign. It also contains a fix for the file corruption problem that occurs when saving files to a remote server.

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Look Before You Leap

Before you jump on 10.5.3, check out some discussions on possible issues with saving images files to servers. There’s a thread at Apple’s site, and another at Apple Insider.

Leopard Alert: 10.5.3 contains first Nav Services fix

According to InDesign the InDesign QE team, and contrary to what I had heard up until very recently, the 10.5.3 update for Leopard includes Apple’s first step in addressing the Nav Services crashes in InDesign.

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The Leopard Leap

I know I said otherwise earlier, but I changed my mind…I decided to test Leopard on an external backup version of my hard drive to see how well it played with InDesign. After several days of running InDesign without incident off the Leopard drive, I finally decided to upgrade my main machine to see how it went. So far so good…

InDesign & Leopard: Update VII

Anyone having problems with InDesign on Leopard will have observed by now that the 10.5.2 update doesn’t fix the NavSvcs or Hide problems. From what I’ve been able to learn from our own technical people, the changes necessary on Apple’s end to fix the NavSvcs problem involve a re-write of the relevant portions of Leopard’s code, and as such it’s an involved process. That, along with competing priorities, accounts for the absence of that fix in 10.5.1 and 10.5.2. Unfortunately, no word yet on when Apple anticipates delivering this fix.

InDesign & Leopard: Update VI

Upon further review, the people working on the Nav Svcs problem think that there may be something to the strategy of uninstalling Version Cue if you can.

Among the problems we’ve identified and reported to Apple is hanging behavior associated with Spotlight
while the system was sending off file system events in response to the contents of the hard disk begin updated.

This hang later seemed to lead to repeated crashes in the InDesign dialogs.

Uninstalling Version Cue would significantly cut down on the number of such system events being posted and therefore cause the environment to be more stable.

So, from our perspective then it appears worth a try for those of you experiencing the Nav Svcs crash problem on Leopard to unintsall Version Cue to see if it reduces or eliminates the crashing behavior in those dialogs. If it does, please let us know up here on this blog.

InDesign & Leopard: Update V

I wanted to do a full-blown post to discuss a comment on an earlier post suggesting that uninstalling Version Cue will fix the Nav Svcs crash problem. Our developers think it’s highly unlikely that this is an effective way to solve this problem for the following reason: InDesign uses some Version Cue code for the operation of dialogs that navigate the file system whether Version Cue is installed or not, and whether it’s turned on or not. This code is built into InDesign. So, uninstalling Version Cue does not in any way change what happens when one of those dialog boxes is invoked. It’s possible, however, that the uninstall process might, as a side effect, delete a Leopard cache somewhere that temporarily causes the problem to go away. Our internal testing, however, proves that the Nav Svcs problem can occur whether Version Cue is installed or not.

There does seem to be a tangible link between the occurence some Nav Svcs crashes and use of Leopard’s Spotlight feature. So, if you do experience one of these crashes, please include information about your Spotlight use if you are kind enough to send us a crash log.

We are continuing to work with Apple directly on the Nav Svcs issue, and all I’m at liberty to say at the moment is that progress is being made.

InDesign & Leopard: UPDATE III

More interesting news regarding failure to launch and unexpect shut down problems with InDesign on Leopard: the crash logs continue to indicate that it is pre-release versions of the software (which are not made legally available to the public, I should hasten to add) that are having these compatibility problems on Leopard, not the release versions of InDesign CS3 (versions 5.0 and 5.0.1).

This casts an interesting light on a comment like this, sent to this blog earlier today:

Two superpowers: Apple and Adobe, and they cannot make the InDesign working on Leo. I am very dissapointed, very :((

It’s usually very unfortunate when someone is dissappointed with us, but this is not one of those times. I think most users out there will regard it as rather obvious that Adobe feels no obligation whatsoever to make sure that pirated or otherwise (knowingly or unknowingly) illegally acquired and used pre-release software is updated to run on the latest operating systems (and I would strongly suspect that Apple has a similar attitude). One might go even further and say that even suggesting such a thing is very silly indeed.

So, if you’re experiencing these problems (and dissappointed, very :(( ), do check the build number of your software as explained in the prior post. The commercially available release versions of InDesign CS3 appear to be doing just fine with Leopard based on what we’re seeing in crash logs, bug reports, and feedback from both Adobe and Apple field reps and their customers.

That said, if you do have a legal version of CS3 (5.0 or 5.0.1) and have a problem, we are (as always) eager to hear from you via the crash log system and/or Adobe’s Feature Request and Bug Report page.

InDesign & Leopard: UPDATE II

If you’re having problems running InDesign on Leopard, please submit crash logs to Adobe. They are being examined as they arrive.

We are noticing that we are receiving crash logs for Leopard that indicate that users are using pre-release builds (i.e., builds with numbers lower than 458). No one should be using a pre-release build on any OS, let alone the new Leopard release.

You can find the build number by simply clicking on the application icon in the Finder. The build number is the three digit number after the version number:

When you check your build number, you should see either the number 458 (which would correspond to InDesign CS3/5.0) or 624 (which is the build number for InDesign CS3/5.01).

If you’ve got a pre-release build (which you should not), then don’t be surprised if it behaves in unpredictable and aberrant ways, and don’t be surprised if we don’t support it on Leopard.

If, however, you’re using either release builds 458 or 624, then we definitely want to get your crash reports and bug reports. Please send us the crash logs when option appears, and (as previously requested) take the time to submit a bug report here that includes the details of your Leopard installation process.