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Help Us Stop Stupid PDF Syndrome

Too many PDF files suffer from a permanently debilitating defect. Help Adobe stamp out Stupid PDF Syndrome.

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PDF Print Engine: James Wamser

I was able to connect with Sells Printing‘s James Wamser, and I spoke with him about their Prinergy 4 system that includes an Adobe PDF Print Engine RIP. The PDF Print Engine rips PDF data, and removes the need to convert to PostScript at any point in the workflow. The primary benefits of an entirely PDF workflow are the preservation of live transparency (i.e., no flattening, no potential PostScript printing problems because of the translation of live transparency into the opaque, flat imageing model of PostScript), device independence (RGB to CMYK conversion, screening, etc. done at print time), support for ICC profiles, and speed (PDF Print Engine RIPs usually process complex jobs much faster than PostScript RIPs).

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