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Adobe Reader Pre-Release Program

Interested in participating in the Adobe Reader Beta Program? It’s the best way to get an early peak at future versions of the product and provide valuable feedback into the development process.

You can sign up now right here.

Double-Byte Characters and Autocorrect

David Blatner from InDesign Secrets sent me this question:

When you use Autocorrect, there are certain characters you’re not allowed to type in the Correction field. It’s unclear what those are. You can type a dash, but not an em dash. You can type Hebrew with the Hebrew input system enabled (it even appears typed right to left in the field!), but you can’t include Japanese.

I just installed CS3-J on a different computer (in preparation for the tokyo ID conference) and tried to use Autocorrect. It doesn’t seem to want to take japanese characters in the Correction field there, either! What?! Bug?

The answer comes from one of the developers who works on our double-byte versions of InDesign:

AutoCorrect is disabled for Japanese, Chinese and Korean languages. Without grammatical analysis, a typo in Japanese very often just means another word. Misspelling doesn’t really exist, per se, but mis-typing can make jumbled words that don’t make grammatical sense.

So, put another way, electric shoving yesterday flown fence post under chowder.*

I hope this clears the Japanese issue up for you, David. Still working on the em dash…

*Simulated double-byte grammatical problem.

Celebrity Keyboard Shortcuts: Russell Viers

Russell Viers is an Adobe certified trainer, consultant, and therapist. If you’re looking for a different kind of internet learning experience, check out his website.

Russell shares these keyboard shortcut hacks:

A couple of type editing essentials for the editors out there:

  1. I assign opt/alt + N to No Break
  2. I assign opt/alt + U to Upper Case
  3. I assign opt/alt + L to Lower Case

I go through my most frequently used tools and add a second shortcut, with the opt/alt in front of the existing shortcut letter so I can access them quickly when in Type mode. The main ones I do are Selection, Direct Selection, Print Preview, Pencil, Pen, Free Transform…uh…and eyedropper. Others may have their own most-used tools.

I wish you could shortcut Ignore Text Wrap. [TC: hire Dave Saunders to write a script for you]

And I always assign a shortcut for the Welcome Screen, because you never know when you’re going to need to feel welcome.

A bit outdated, now, but if I know anyone is still using CS1, I suggest changing the cmd/ctrl + . that causes Optimized Display by default to be Typical Display…that way they don’t run screaming from the room when their photos go gray and Undo doesn’t fix it.