When you choose Help > InDesign Help (or press F1), you may or may not be getting the most up-to-date help topic. In some cases, the web version of Help includes additional information not found in the in-product help. In other cases, users have left useful comments. The GREP search topic includes both additional information and commenting.

Search using GREP expressions

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2 Responses to GREP Help

  1. Jaime Zuniga says:

    I receive InDesign files that are formatted like the following:

    English text (with its own formatting)
    Spanish translation (with a different formatting than above)

    What I am looking to do is this:
    English text (with its own formatting)
    English text (with a different formatting than above)

    That is, I want to replace the existing formatted Spanish text with a copy of the English text, but maintaining the formatting of the Spanish text.

    I am trying to do a search and replace in InDesign, using GREP, as follows:
    Search for: (.+)\r(.+)(?m)
    Replace with: $1\r$2

    Which essentially finds every instance of the bilingual text, but replaces both English instances with the formatting from the Spanish text.

    Any help in the right direction would be appreciated,