Links to the Best InDesign Resources

The newest Creative Suite version will include a new wrinkle in Help. You’re going to be able to search the help topics along with a number of community resources—blogs, user forums, knowledge base articles, and so forth. The search is basically a limited Google search. I’ll add links to the best sites in the Custom Search Engine, and those sites will show up in search results, ranked according to Google’s metrics.

I want you to let me know what your favorite InDesign websites are. If you have a blog, leave your link in a comment, and I’ll consider adding your website to the search engine. I can also add links to the best videos and articles in the related help topics, either directly or as a comment.

Here are some of my favorite InDesign resources:

Getting Started tutorials – Subscription site, but many videos are free.

Layers Magazine


InDesign Secrets – David Blatner and Anne Marie Concepción provide a steady stream of podcasts, videos, articles, and tips.

The InDesigner – Michael Murphy’s excellent videos and articles

Seneca Design – Anne-Marie again. The InCopy site is one of the best resources for InCopy workflows.

Tim Cole’s InDesign BackChannel – News and resources.

Instant InDesign – Video podcasts and downloadable exercise files from Gabriel Powell.

Creative Mentor – I like the format of providing videos to go with the articles.

The Graphic Mac

Gilbert Consulting

Cari Jansen

User Forums

Adobe user forums

InDesign Talk

Videos and Podcasts

Adobe TV – Check out the Caffe Fibonacci videos with Tim Cole and Rufus Deuchler.

Creative Sweet – Get it? Sweet, not Suite? Oh, nevermind.

Adobe Creative Suite Podcast

Have I missed any of your favorite sites? Let me know by leaving a comment or emailing me (bbringhu at adobe dot com).

3 Responses to Links to the Best InDesign Resources

  1. Todd Kopriva says:

    People can try out the new Community Help search now:

  2. Hi Bob, you’re welcome to add Creative Curio to your list! I don’t always publish InDesign articles, but many have found the ones I do have useful (and I remember that you liked my Layers explanation!). The best way to access all the relevant articles on CC is through the InDesign tag. Thanks for the consideration![Bob: Thanks. I had already added you to the Google search engine.]

  3. Hey Bob,I just wanted to plug my own resource for InDesign shortcuts. Available in interactive PDF and editable native InDesign formats for Mac / PC for CS2 / CS3…indesign1200.comI’m currently working on CS4 versions as we speak. The native files explore various features within InDesign. It’s an opportunity for users to discover what InDesign can do…If I need any street cred, Tim can vouch for me… 🙂 He actually posted an entry a bit ago touting me as the Patron Saint of InDesign shortcuts… That Tim-guy, what a crazy, putting me in stain glass… LOLIt’s nice to see that I wasn’t missing any of those great ID resources from my bookmarks… 🙂