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A Complete List of InDesign CS4 Videos

Looking for a list of InDesign videos? You’ve come to the right place!

Getting Started Videos

Getting Started: 01 Starting a new document
Getting Started: 02 Making a text frame
Getting Started: 03 Character-level formatting
Getting Started: 04 Paragraph-level formatting
Getting Started: 05 Making a paragraph style
Getting Started: 06 Placing and flowing text
Getting Started: 07 Placing an image
Getting Started: 08 Wrapping text around a graphic

InDesign CS4 New Feature Videos

Introducing InDesign CS4
Creating cross-references
Using Live Preflight
Creating conditional text
Using the Links panel
Applying GREP styles
Export from InDesign to SWF
Rotating spread view
Working with smart guides
Editing the exported XFL file in Flash Pro

Relevant CS3 Videos

Most of the InDesign CS3 videos in the Video Workshop are still relevant in InDesign CS4.

Using the Control panel
Using keyboard shortcuts
Importing content into InDesign
Managing pages
Setting up a new document
Working with master pages
Making selections
Working with objects
Using object styles
Working with anchored objects
Using layers
Working with text
Working with text styles
Creating bullets and numbering
Creating running headers and footers
Using the Text Wrap panel
Finding and changing expressions, text, and object formatting
Creating and formatting tables
Adding headers and footers to tables
Placing images in tables
Using table styles
Creating drop shadows
Applying feathering to objects
Applying opacity effects
Setting opacity
Synchronizing master pages
Setting pagination
Creating a table of contents
Creating an index
Preparing files for output
Defining sections
Working with Microsoft Word and Excel tables in InDesign
Creating footnotes
Creating JDF job definitions
Designing websites with InDesign and exporting to XHTML

Adobe TV

New videos are continually added to Adobe TV. Bookmark the InDesign page, and filter your results by unchecking categories on the right side of the page.

Make sure you catch the Caffe Fibbonacci videos with Tim and Rufus. It’s a fun way to learn.

Find any other InDesign video resources on the web? Leave a comment.