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Scaled Text Frames and Magnifying Glasses

In InDesign Help, I wrote about using preference settings to determine whether a scaled text frame has a magnifying glass effect: It’s buried in a list of notes:

If you edit the text or scale a frame within threaded frames when the Adjust Scaling Percentage preference is selected, the text is scaled, even if it moves to a different frame. However, if Apply To Content is selected, any text that flows to a different frame as a result of editing is no longer scaled.

Got that? I’d like to flesh out this idea a bit on my blog, where I don’t have to concern myself with a limited scope and translation resources.

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Help with Help

Over the last two versions, we’ve made three major changes to the Adobe Help systems — web help, commenting, and community help.

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InDesign/InCopy Help is now live in other languages

* Updated January 22, 2009 *

Localized versions of InDesign and InCopy Help are now available. You’re probably wondering why this concerns you. Well, it doesn’t — unless you want to read InDesign or InCopy help topics in a different language.

I think I know what your next question is. If this topic isn’t useful to anyone, why are you posting it? I’m glad you asked. It’s an excellent question. The answer to that excellent question is that search engines like Google and Yahoo need to index these web pages, and the fact that I’m posting them on this Adobe blog helps them to get indexed faster. In a few days, our InDesign friends in Japan and France will be able to view CS4 help topics in their search results.

Community Help is available in each of these languages.

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InDesign Preference Settings: Document or Application?

Here’s a quirky InDesign issue. When you change preference settings, some settings apply only to the current document, while other settings apply to all documents.

The bottom line is that if you want your preference settings to apply to all new documents you create, close all documents before changing settings.

If you want to know which specific settings are document-specific and which ones are application-specific, keep reading…

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