New Help Topics

One of the nice things about having Help on the Web is that I can update the Help files between releases. If someone points out an error or omission, I can edit the source files, and a couple weeks later, it’s as though the files were never wrong.

I can also add new topics. As I’ve been analyzing search data and survey comments, I realized I missed a few things.

A Complete List of Videos

Even though I had already blogged about videos, several people requested a list of videos organized by topic. Your wish is my command. I created a new Help topic that organizes videos by subject.

The Navigator panel

When I heard that the program team was removing the Navigator panel, I made the mistake of deleting the old topic rather than leaving it in and explaining what happened to the feature. “Navigator” ended up being the #4 search term in November. Ouch. So I added a new topic cleverly entitled, “About the Navigator panel.” I explain that it’s been replaced by Power Zoom.

Contact Sheets

“Contact sheets” was a top 10 search entry, but there’s nothing in Help on the Web that tells people how to create contact sheets. Fortunately, a few bloggers and authors have written about using Adobe products to create contact sheets, so if people did a search, they were most likely able to find something to help them out. Still, if people search only within Help, I don’t want them to draw the dreaded “No results found” message. So I created a topic called “Creating contact sheets.”

Foreign Affairs

Every now and then, someone asks how to edit Japanese or Arabic text in InDesign. Even though I create an entirely different Help system for Asian versions of InDesign, I realized I never pointed this out to English customers in Help. So I wrote a new topic called “Working with additional languages.”

If you notice any errors in these new topics, or if you’re aware of any other gaps or mistakes in InDesign Help, please let me know. Just leave a comment.

3 Responses to New Help Topics

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Bob, these are all great! Very good additions. I’m sure I’ve run across instances of “why isn’t this covered here” but I can’t recall any at the moment.Oh wait I thought of one. In the InCopy CS4 online help, the topic on Links Panel Overview looks like it’s a cut and paste from the InDesign page. It only talks about linked images. It should show linked stories, too, and all the info you can get on them (# of notes, assigned to, status of tracked changes). Don’t you think?[Thanks, Anne-Marie. I’ll expand that InCopy links topic. Excellent suggestion -Bob]

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