Tweaking the community search results

I’m fairly certain this blog entry won’t interest you. I’m writing this for Google. By posting a link on this blog, I can send a message to Google that certain links should be promoted.

Our Community Help page uses the Google Custom Search Engine. Currently, searching for “Preflight” on the Community Help page yields unexpected results. The first result — which I don’t want to link to because I don’t want to promote it — goes to a community web page that does a fine job of describing the Preflight workflow — for InDesign CS3. As you may know, InDesign CS4 has a revamped Preflight feature. Another problem is that a less significant Help topic appears higher on the list than this one. Or this one. Or this one.

It’s a problem that the first topic deals with CS3 content. If someone starts InDesign CS4, chooses Help > InDesign Help, searches for “Preflight,” and clicks the first link, she’s done exactly what she’s supposed to do. And now she’s reading misleading information. We’re not allowed to manually boost or demote websites — that’s all handled by Google. However, we can boost certain pages by linking to them. A more drastic option is to exclude websites. I can do that, but I prefer not to.

Fortunately, “preflight” is the only search term that’s yielding poor results. All the other search terms seem fine to me. There are a couple of Help topics that should be appearing higher in the list of search results:


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