Promoting Websites Thru Comments

I just recently learned about a great InDesign website over at Check out this page in particular. It includes free downloadable PDFs that act as quick resource guides for keyboard shortcuts, hidden characters, preferences and presets, GREP metacharacters, and more.

Here’s how I found out about this resource. One of the site’s owners, Michael Witherell, added comments in various Help topics. Each comment includes a link to one of the related PDFs. For example, he added links to the Keyboard shortcuts topic, to the Working with markers topic, to the Metacharacters for searching topic, and to a few more.

These comments work to everyone’s advantage. If people can’t find the information they’re looking for in Help, they may find what they’re looking for in these comments. And Michael can get more people looking at his website. Quid pro quo, Doctor Lecter.

When I saw what great information was on this website, I added it to the custom search engine so that his web site will appear in the community search results.

We would love for you to use comments to show off, advertise your content, and promote yourself by sharing useful answers, links, and content with InDesign users. If you wrote a tutorial about InDesign, point to it. If you watched someone else’s video tutorial about InDesign and thought that it was good, point to it. If you think you can explain something better than we/I did, then add a comment.

4 Responses to Promoting Websites Thru Comments

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks for the link. Good stuff there.

  2. I agree with using comments as a way to promoting your own website. It really helps achieve search engine rankings. Also a big thank you to a well respected industry leader like Adobe for allowing such practices. I must add that it is not only one way traffic, most of the time we are also learning heaps and keeping up to date with the latest innovations from these very informative websites like

  3. asif says:

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  4. Abdul Nasir says:

    Dear Sir,your work is really are helping the peoples…keep it up!!!